Monday, April 27, 2015


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Last week, my birthday Nike Air Max 1s: Paris from the City Collection arrived. I ordered them from, thanks to a recommendation by Zahidah, after I'd missed the initial launch on, and they sold out within a day.

They're called Nyla.

Dash helped me take photos of/edit them.

PRS. Hopefully these shoes see their hometown inspiration, while I'm wearing them someday soon. ;)

Many people, females especially, have been gushing over how perfect Nyla are, so my heart is very happy. Such a lovely 25th birthday gift.

Dash also helped me take more photos of Alicia (I rechristened them, ahahaha).

Edit: The following was what I thought was a sweet courtship between myself and a man named Dan, until I found out he was cheating on his fiancée with me. I then realised it doesn't matter if a person can be sweet and pay attention to you and write words upon words for you, a douchebag is a douchebag regardless of "intelligence".

Last night, Dan rambled about Uzbekistan currency.

I woke up at 4am, read it and laughed out loud to myself, and went back to sleep. The man rambles like I have never known any male person to do. I'm usually the one rambling in my texts. I was so amused by his rambling about money. He's such a geek.

Every time he talks about something smart, my brain feels like... it's in love? My brain has forgotten that it's not supposed to feel love, that's my heart's job!!!!

He's in Uzbekistan, as you can tell. He used to travel a lot for his previous job, but now he's taking a gap year, travelling for pleasure. I love the photos he's put up, he has one showing his Fat Stacks of Uzbek cash, and one of a snow-capped mountain, llamas, etc.

I would love to be on a trip like his someday, I think he's living my dream right now. I predict he might still have to travel quite a bit for his new job, but at least he's probably gonna be based in Singapore.

I get this feeling he still doesn't wanna talk about his jobs, what he does for work, but I don't know why. I mean, he's on the board of advisors of a really cool non-profit that has won multiple awards from the UN. I'm like in freaking awe of the man's résumé at such a young age!!!

What is it, that I would change the way I talk if I knew what he does for a living? I mean, I already know.. Although to be honest I think it does affect stuff, I'm always thinking "why am I telling this man about myself, all this nonsense, he doesn't care??" but he does seem to care?


He says he eats spicy stuff so I plan to bring him to eat kepak bingbing at Badoque. I don't even like them very much, it's really basically just chili padi and numbs your tongue but Dan was all like "of course, bring it." so I wanna see his reaction and gauge his tolerance hahahaha.

I'm also trying to watch more Wes Anderson films and leave Fantastic Mr Fox to watch for the first time on a date with Dan, who says he could watch that movie over and over again.


Today, I went over to NUS, this time with Huda, to help out with Khalis' model.

It is really pretty, though. I am proud of this man. Five years of hard fucking work. Here is a heads up to future archi grads, please mobilise/activate your friends and family at least two weeks before your final model submission, especially if you've got grand visions like Khalis.

I'm glad he has time to breathe and sleep, God knows how much nicotine he put in his system while stressing over his thesis. Now that he has no school stress, at least once his exams are over, I think I'm gonna help him cut down on the damn cigs. I'm gonna smack him if he smokes when we meet.

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