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(music: Major Tom - Joseph Gordon-Levitt)

On Thursday, we went to Six Flags Magic Mountain.

Han and I saw an arch from afar and thought it was just an entrance to something else, but it happened to be this gigantic bungy ride thing?

It looks insane. We gotta do it one day!

Han and I took a look at the park map and decided to do at least half of the rides that were categorised the "maximum thrill" ones.

Every time we took a new one, like The Riddler's Revenge, Goliath (255-foot drop yo), X2, etc, we would get so scared and have knots in our stomachs from the anticipation, but we kept feeling happier after each ride because despite the fear, every ride was more fun than scary. If you're a fan of thrill rides, we highly recommend Six Flags, 'cos they just know how to counter the scary stuff (like loop-de-loops) with other less insane stuff. We loved it!

255 feet is like 50 times of Han.

Han still looks like a tai-tai after taking heartstopping rollercoasters. I'll save you from the sight of my post-coaster face. ;/

We got back to Nick's place where we prepared for his mum's annual Christmas Eve white elephant party. According to Nick, it's a gift exchange where some people (I assume it's never him) bring nice gifts and some people bring ridiculous items, and then you draw lots and "steal" gifts and keep trading up or something, it's quite cool.

He bought a 5-dollar game for kids that he said he would pick for himself, which Han also wanted and said she would steal from him.

He put in so much effort to wrap the game, what with his basically crumpling the wrapping paper and going over it multiple times with tape. It took so much effort that everybody else was observing him. It was so badly wrapped but it took more energy than if he had actually just wrapped it properly.

So much effort for looking like no effort?! Sounds almost like a Rube Goldberg machine. Also, guess what Han brought for the gift exchange, she brought an air horn (that thing that deafens you) at Nick's suggestion and she didn't even get it specifically for the party, it was just from his house.

He drove us up a canyon or something (the night was starry!!!!) and we got to his mum's house which looked stellar like perfectly right-out-of-a-Christmas-movie-scene A+++++ summa cum laude.

Lucy's chew toy, or Chow's, not sure which.

The left one is Naia, who incidentally happened to be Singaporean also, staying with Nick's neighbour Patrick. Nora on the right is from Germany, who's been hitchhiking her way across the USA. I love meeting solo female travellers, it's an inspiration that the world is safer than you think it is!!!

The blonde one is Sandy, Nick's mum. She was very nice, I liked that she said the hat I'd initially received for the gift exchange suited me and I should have kept it lolol. Someone (Ned's wife) stole it from me, but it looked nice on her too, PLUS I liked my eventual gift that I got to unwrap, so all's well that ends well!

The spread was delicious and the first proper non-junky non-fast food meal that we'd had. I'm not sure what kind of a lifestyle Nick and his friends lead, all they ever do is drink beer. What alcoholics. :P

Chow was such a lovely dog! I liked her a lot, she was so manja! First manja dog I ever knew! I usually call cats manja, but this time I found a manja dog! (Manja is Malay for affectionate, but like in a soft way and not running around batshit crazy way --- that's Lucy the puppy.)

So I was sitting beside this guy Bill, and I didn't know who he was. He saw my Marceline boots and said he would tell his friend Tom Kenny at his Christmas lunch the next day, because Tom does the voice of Ice King from Adventure Time (the same cartoon that Marceline is from), and would appreciate the boots.

Then for the gift exchange, I got to pick the very last gift, 'cos my gift was stolen at the very last move. It's a DVD of the Spongebob movie, and it happened to be from the guy who had been talking about my Marceline boots.

Bill wrote it out to me and signed it, because he's the voice of Patrick Star?? And his friend Tom Kenny is Spongebob?! Amazing??? I am jakun and suaku and awestruck and all those things in one???

I think everybody agreed that the best gift for the night was this gorgeous wooden chopping board, that this guy Will stole (very strategically as part of a trade from someone who had a later move than his).

Will reminds me a bit of Edward Norton, and a bit of Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

Maybe this is a sign that I'll meet Joe. Today on the train to San Francisco, I saw Van Nuys, and Joe used to go to Van Nuys High School. Maybe everything is a sign that I'll meet Joe. Maybe the fact that I'm finally in LA where he stays, is a sign that I'll get to meet him. Who knows????

It was such a fun party and I'm so glad we were invited to it. Everyone was so interesting and fun and friendly! For the first time ever, we felt the joy of Christmas (not that we ever celebrate it so that's kinda a moot point).

I was blaming Nick for the photos he took of all the partygoers because the framing is so strange, people got cut off halfway?? But then I just realised he didn't take this photo, he's in it! I'll apologise to him with a beer. :P

The next day we did another uniquely LA activity, well at least LA lent a piece of its beauty to the activity because you could not have witnessed anywhere near as beautiful in Singapore.

We were in the car, and Nick told us stuff those crazy Americans do, like when they see a car licence plate from out of town, they punch the other person and say the state it's from, or when they see a Volkswagen Beetle they yell "snug bug" or something? Americans. They do everything but name their coins in a proper system.

I stayed in the car while Nick and Han popped into the store to get coffee and other stuff.

When they got back, Han said (I'm not sure whether in Malay, but the two of us have been speaking in Malay a lot when we wanna talk about sneaky BFF stuff without being understood by the mostly monolingual people here) Nick seemed to have gotten sushi after recalling that I like sushi.

I don't know how Han came to that conjecture, but I think I may have tried to prevent myself from blushing. Everybody loves sushi, tho???

We were on a boat!

I wanted them to film the song I'm On a Boat by Andy Samberg & co. but nobody knew the lyrics!

Look at this. Does this not look like a music video??!?!?!?

Malaika looks so on point from any angle, she's really got that model factor!

Patrick and Nick jumped (flipped, more like) into the ocean to get shots of themselves against the sunset.

Right after Phil tried to take the shot (all failed because of the angle/timing/whatever), he puked because they'd gotten a photographer. who gets seasick. to take photos. on a boat. in very choppy waters. HAHAHAHAHA /slaps forehead

These colours were straight from the LA sky, I did nothing to this photo. I'm too lazy to edit photos and I wouldn't know how to.

There was a flock of seagulls whose silhouettes I saw against the sunset, and so I thought they were people and I said "omg look there are so many people watching the sunset" and they laughed at me.

Then there were two real actual people on the coastline, so Phil said "hey, those look like people too" ergh punch his face (while hiding my grin, of course).

The way the sky changes colours, it's amazing. You get to see an entire spectrum in one sky, in one day. LA, you make my day and you've made my day four times in a row.

You know when you've got an affinity with someone and you go to social events like parties, you always want to stay close to the person, like just to kinda laugh at their jokes or make them laugh at your jokes or whatever.

I tried not to do that because I didn't know what the other people would think and I mean, he's the host of the place Han and I are staying at, things could get awkward. When I was walking down from the upper deck of the boat, Nick gave me a peck on the cheek in front of everyone and omg hello I'm blushing and smiling forever Nick gave ME a kiss hehehehe ok diam.

Also: in the photo above, the guy in the tie-dye shirt is Ned, Han's favourite, of Nick's good friends.

He's like an ~intellectual~ who's studying public policy at Harvard Kennedy School or something, he was taking to Han and I about Lee Kuan Yew, and about his experiences as part of the Peace Corps in Mongolia, he was smart and entertaining and engaging and Han told me she really admires him (he's married, Han says: "the best among them are always taken" lolol so drama this one).

Every time I see Marina Del Rey (which is quite close to where Nick lives), I get reminded of Lana Del Rey and Lyssa.

This morning, we were around UCLA to take the bus to get to the Amtrak train station for our train to San Francisco. Han wasn't feeling too well (maybe we're all allergic to something?!) so I was gonna get her hot coffee while she stayed at the bus stop, in case the bus arrived.

I ran across the campus and saw frat houses, some cutely decorated for Christmas/the new year. I was running helter-skelter with my huge as fuck backpack, that some people might have thought I was a student at UCLA. The bad news is, I didn't even go to uni. Bleagh.

Han with her coffee (and my hot chocolate) that I spilled onto my suitcase. Well done good job self. #sarahcasm

Nick asked why I'm so sarcastic, I don't know, what do y'all think? Defence mechanism? IDK.

I've had the most brilliant week. Apart from the sleep disruptions, I've been happy and contented and enlightened and amused and engaged and I feel so, so fortunate to have been able to be stateside by 25 with my best friend, just as I'd always planned. Everything that has happened was so unplanned and unexpected but so fun and enjoyable nonetheless.

Thank you for your individual messages, WiFi is shite in a lot of places, it can't beat Singapore (but Singapore is tiny so that doesn't count), but I will reply them by tomorrow night, LA time.

I don't know if I'll have the time and chance to blog again before the new year. Han and I are currently in San Fran and it is freezing here, the kind of cold that makes me hesitant to wash my hands after using the toilet because tap water is too cold, ewww.

Please pray for my warmth and safety, we're going up to Yosemite in two days and as Singaporeans used to 30 degree Celsius weather all year round, subzero temperatures don't really appeal to our bodies much.

Happy new year, may 2016 treat everyone the way the United States has been treating me, well and kindly and generously. So much love and peace and adoration and gratitude goes out to all of you. Thank you.

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