Thursday, December 31, 2015


(music: Wasn't Expecting That - Jamie Lawson)

On our first morning at our hotel, Han and I discovered that we had access to the rooftop.

Han was such a daredevil, she kept wanting to sit with her legs facing out but I wouldn't let her unless she wrote a disclaimer letter to her parents absolving me of all responsibility in case she fell to her death. :/

"No heels or sharp object"

We went to Sushi Boat for sushi.

The sushi are literally on a conveyor belt in boats floating on water.

The sushi was so good, we were just stuffing our faces. It reminded me of Han saying Nick got sushi despite him not liking it. I'm still blushing at the thought??? He doesn't like spicy stuff, nor sushi, nor In-N-Out, sounds rather picky.

We took the MUNI to travel around San Fran.

The camera's focus was a bit skewed because it was too cold. :(

There is so much gorgeous art on the walls and streets.

One of Han's strong points is hairstyling.

We went to Golden Gate Bridge, which was windy and chilly. It's a bridge, it's red. We were there. That is all.

To warm up, we had hot drinks at Starbucks.

A bit of product placement right there.

For the rest of the trip, to warm myself up, I'd just pop into Starbucks to ask for a refill of my thermos with hot water, because I am cheap-ass lolol.

Next up was Golden Gate Park.

We saw the most adorable doggy there, his name was Angus. He was so cute Han asked me to stop and take a picture of it, she's usually scared of dogs.

He looks like a mop/Chewbacca.

Han and the 200-foot tall trees.


There were bird-watchers in the park doing some actual photography but the two of us indulged in jump shots instead. #azn

I think.... we are out of the woods. :)

The next day, we woke up before sunrise to head over to Yosemite.

I was acting like Kenny McCormick, which is curious because last night I got the runs and reminded me of when Kenny got explosive diarrhoea. Longer story of my sickness later. Han and I decided that because nobody knows us in USA, we could adopt any identity we wanted and we decided to be bimbotic Asians. Then we decided "Asian bimbos" is an oxymoron. ;P

Our guide was called Ben and he was really entertaining and very informational, he told us about rock climbers and El Capitan and made really cute puns. He said if we couldn't take nice selfies, we could go old-school and ask him for help with a "someone-elsie" hehehe.

We drove further up Yosemite and I was tryna take a selfie of the both of us but Han used the camera flip-out screen to apply moisturiser instead. -.-

We saw a five-month-old German shepherd who was seeing snow for the first time. I told Nick and he said he would make shoes for Lucy so she can walk in snow without feeling cold! This is coming from the guy who walked barefooted across the road to his car so he could drive us to UCLA. I find it so ridiculously cute?! What are his priorities???

My Starbucks thermos filled with hot water was a lifesaver!

Most definitely out of the woods. :) :) :)

It was snowing while we were there.

I made the biggest snowman ever.

Only kidding, it's the size of Han's coffee cup.

Han was making a snowman but it turned out to look like a snowdog instead.

Also: our guide Ben was talking about snowmen, then he said "sorry, I meant snowpeople, I don't wanna offend anyone" ;P

Look at how thick the snowfall was!

I caught Han's misty breath when she talked.

Tried to do it for myself but it wasn't captured.

Han had a series of snowman boyfriends.

There was this adorably pink-outfitted little girl.

Yosemite was so freaking amazing and inspiring and gorgeous.

My hands could not feel anything anymore.

This year, I went from pronouncing Yosemite wrongly to actually seeing it in real life, with one of my best friends. I feel so grateful.

Han made snow angels because she's crazy.

Han caught a snowflake on her scarf!

We had In-N-Out for the first time. Han and I shared a Double-Double meal. It was quite good!

The guide brought us to Treasure Island afterwards but I couldn't take any halfway-decent photos because I was already completely knackered.

Yesterday, we bought a bouquet because it's so much cheaper here than in Singapore and Han likes flowers (I kinda only like sunflowers).

I'm either improving in my photography or Han is just the most absolutely gorgeous person (it's actually both) because I'm so proud of the photos I took of her and the flowers.

Han still had a lot of neg space in her photos but I cropped some of them and really like the three previous ones.

We went to the bar in Hilton on the 45th storey, which has the most amazing view of the city landscape.

Afterwards we wanted to try out a Thai place at Ellis St but when asking the Hilton concierge for directions, he strongly advised us against it because he said it's a "bad neighbourhood" and he used to live there.

Being the stubborn devils we are, we went ahead but felt a little nervous. I think what scares me most is that guns are legal in USA, so anything could happen. We walked down and saw so many more homeless people, and smelt weed everywhere, and there were signs and posters along the lines of "don't buy drugs here" or "drugs are bad for you", it was quite off-putting.

We got to the place, and ate an alright meal.

After our encounter on Ellis St, we went to Coit Tower but the queue to get inside and upstairs was too long, so we let it go. Han and I had been wanting to access a fire escape for photos but couldn't find any accessible ones, so we broke into a private estate to see if we could find one.

Maybe this is why we had a hard time with US immigration, maybe they saw it in us. :P

The houses there were so haphazard and yet so in place, it was almost half-residence and half-wilderness, it was so pretty.

There was a room that was completely open for anyone walking down the winding staircase, to see inside. I wondered if the owner left it open even during intimate sessions. What a voyeur. I remember one time, I asked G his most adventurous sexual experience and he said in his apartment elevator.

He asked me about my fantasy and I said I would love to do it in a car, so I guess I have voyeuristic tendencies as well. :P

The road was so sloped!

Half-wilderness, half-housing estate, so freaking pretty.

We went to another Starbucks and one of the baristas had a gorgeous owl tattoo, which reminded us of Pamela's amazing rose tatt.

I think I still prefer Pamela's, it's so unique, it looks like a glass-stain effect.

Han and I had a mini picnic near Sotheby's, but it got cold quickly so we left for Chinatown.

Chinatown was more "Chinese" than China was. I mean I've been to two different parts of China, and not many places still have lanterns strung across streets etc, lol. We went into the souvenir stores and stuff you could get in China for a dollar, would retail for five to ten times their Chinese prices. :/

We had Chinese takeaway for dinner.

Between 10pm and 4am last night, I started puking and having the runs. I think I threw up three times and I cleared my bowels three times. I knew why it happened, if I had to isolate a singular common factor between this and the time I fell sick in Vietnam for a week, it was something I'd consumed.

The Vietnam time, it took two days before my digestive system decided to purge it out, this time it took three/four days, but it felt more horrible. You know how sometimes puking can help you feel better when you're bloated or too full? Well this wasn't like that. It was like my stomach was already empty but it was just convulsing so I was puking water, and excreting water, and I was doubled up on the toilet floor by the time it all ended.

I was making such a ruckus Han got woken up multiple times, but she didn't really take care of me the way Shahida did in Vietnam. I think Han's more of tough love (also, what can you actually do when someone is busy throwing up and shitting in the toilet, lol). She knows that during my solitary travels, I can't depend on anyone on myself.

Aaaaanyway, I'm scared to eat anything at the moment for fear of having to throw up but I think the worst of it is over. I have a resolution for the new year, though, I am not touching anything that I know my body cannot take. It makes me sick.

I'm somewhat glad this happened though, it's like I'm getting rid of all the crap that's happened to me this year, and it's time to start anew. Start fresh. We're back to LA tonight. By the time our friends and family are already celebrating New Year's tomorrow, it will only be 8am here, lol.

Thank you, 2015, for showing me what I can go through and what I'm made of, and thank you, all of you, for being there through my 2015. You know who you are. May all of you have the best 2016.

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