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So, on the last day of 2015, Ned and his wife Nadya came over to Nick's place to prepare some grub for the New Year's Eve get-together.

Ned was wearing his flask-in-a-tie that hid some homemade cherry-infused vodka, the tie a Christmas gift from Nadya.

The two of them are the most adorable couple.

Naya, Han and I headed to Santa Monica for a bit before counting down to the new year.

Han finally fulfilled her wish of taking a photo with police officers there. IDK, police officers are a tourist attraction in USA? ;)

All the above was on Dec 31, 2015.

We went to Gabe's for some karaoke, where Ned and Nadya kept dancing dorkily with each other, whilst Naya, Han and I were just admiring their mutual adoration. The three of us got rounded up to sing a couple of songs together, just 'cos we were the "Singaporean girls".

We did Mean by Taylor Swift, where Han and I were kinda shivery-shaky from nerves and holding on to each other whilst Naya was soaking in the limelight. I think Han enjoyed it as much as I did, though. It was something rather out of our comfort zone. Nick provided a lot of moral support from the audience so I felt more at ease.

My favourite scene of a new year's kiss is the one where Oliver runs to save Emily in A Lot Like Love. I'd never had a proper, actual, new year's kiss in real life, so 2015/16 was the closest, and it was definitely sweet.

I'd like to have said he swept me up right in the nick of time, just to pun on his name, but we were actually in each other's corner most of the night, which brought to me a sense of comfort I've been missing in my life for ages.

I think it was the morning after, the first day of 2016, that Han ate orange for breakfast, although she dislikes oranges and never eats them. This time, she only ate them because Ned offered it to her and she has the hugest crush on him AHAHAHAHA oh, my best friend.

On New Year's Day, we hiked up a trail in Griffith Park to get to Griffith Observatory.

The blue backpack (I assume for boys) had all sorts of cool space shuttles whereas the pink backpack had a doll and a luggage. Way to go, boys do all the sciencey stuff. #sarahcasm

We left Griffith and headed to In-N-Out.

This time, we ordered the animal-style fries. Next, we headed to the actual proper Hollywood side of town (???) 'cos Han wanted to see the stars on the Walk of Fame or whatevs.

The second day of the year, we had Mexican food with Patrick. I feel like I'm not blogging chronologically because I'm back in Singapore now, after 17 hours of flying and I'm not sure what day is which and I haven't slept and I'm very tired.

Also one of the days, Han had period cramps so we stayed in and marathoned Jessica Jones on Netflix.

After lunch, we went to Getty Center.

Getty was one of my favourite spots in LA, it was architecturally brilliant and visually aesthetic and the art collections in the galleries are really cool.

I think that night, Nick wanted to look for sandals and duvet covers, so he and I went to Ross, then Big Lots to look for them. We tested out couches and threw pillows at each other, and saw a coffee table with built-in foosball. We were practically couple-dating at an Ikea alternative. I could see myself doing it fereals with Nick.

On Monday this week, Nick took us to California Science Center.

Han kept saying she felt either i) Nick was really like the elder brother she never had or ii) that Nick and I were like her parents. As if Lucy isn't a handful enough??? Han may not look it, but she's also really stubborn. ;)

We went to see a space exhibition mostly 'cos it's Han's dream to go to space. It was unlikely for her to have become an astronaut because Singapore doesn't have our own space program. Boo, Singapore, booooo.

We were at a miniature space station exhibit and I brought one of the space dolls out of the space station (into "outerspace") without his spacesuit. There was a cute little boy who saw me and shrieked "aaaah! I'm dying!" and I got shocked 'cos I hadn't seen him there, so I pushed the doll to him and ran away.

The space station exhibit was really adorable.

Then there was a small station asking for opinions on whether we should pursue a future in space.

This was Han's philosophy....


This was Nick's. Who gave him permission to be so cute?! (I added the age 5 thing, though, lol)

Nick slid down the staircase railing because he is truly a kid.

Han was chasing Nick around to try to get to his weakness (which I told her about) and Nick was literally running away from her, oh my goodness, what are these kids?!

I was playing with some solar panel racing game thing and was really happy my panel was moving, when Nick walked over to my side and told me "you have the cutest biggest grin on your face" and I could not control my facial expressions anymore EX CUSE ME who gave this man permission to make me melt.

At Han's request, we went to Koreatown to have Korean BBQ.

Unfortunately, Han's headache got the better of her and she puked and had to rest in the car. :( :( Nick and I had to make a quick meal of it so we could drive home for Han to rest.

That night, our last night in LA/the USA, the guys decided to night surf so we headed to the beach.

Nick found some wood (that Ramsay was supposedly using to make a table) and chopped it. Han and I observed him and were reminded of him wrapping the Christmas gift and making a mess of the wrapping paper. We decided the word for him was "cincai" (Chinese origins?) and I found it adorable.

Too late, though, I'd already fallen for him so that possibly had the halo effect. Everything he did, I liked. Psh. He just did everything so... anyhowly.

He made a small fire to keep the girls warm.

The girls balled up pieces of tissue and each of us threw it into the fire while reciting our fears and insecurities, things we wanted to let go of, etc.

I slept for a while because as Nick says, I'm an old grandma.

Naya and Han took a wefie while I was asleep (IDK how long I was out).

The above is Patrick.

I got woken up with salty kisses, under the night sky on the beach, and despite being cold and sleepy, I was so happy. Siaoliao.

On our last day in the USA, we went to International House of Pancakes for brunch.

They have old-fashioned, butter pecan, strawberry and boysenberry maple syrup.

Everything was delicious.

Afterwards, I had the stupidly bright idea of standing directly in the sun and taking the world's poorest series of photos (but still fun) while squinting into the glare?!?!

No uglier photos, but still full of joy.


We went geocaching next.

Nick gave me his phone to try to navigate.

Naya and Patrick pulled a fast one on us and that was really funny ("Patrick found it!" "wait that looks exactly like the box my dad gave me") lololol fuckers! We didn't find that one.

We went home, and whilst I packed my stuff, Naya and Han cooked a meal for the household.

They cooked fried rice (which was very reminiscent of paella and was well-liked by all), chap chye, and a lobster bisque potato dip for the chips. It was really good!

Stateside with Han by 25, crossed off the list. :)

It reminds me of the verse I keep reading on Nick's chalkboard in his room: "and now nothing will be restrained from them, which they have imagined to do"

I was sleeping with Lucy on the bed, and Han popped in to see, she said it looked good for both Lucy and myself. Lucy tends to be hyperactive a lot of the time, but that night, she was curled up right beside me, and sometimes I feel better sleeping with her next to me too. She calms my nerves somehow, like the opposite effect of how I feel when I'm around other people. It felt nice.

I think Lucy is really special and I'm going to miss her so much!

I wanted to steal Nick's varsity jacket but then I had no space in my luggage anyway, lol.

I miss him already, all his stupid sexist jokes to get on my nerves, the asking for sandwiches, him being really manja grovelling for head rubs and back rubs, thinking of him like Ron Swanson/Joaquin Phoenix. I miss him pretending to say something, then withholding it from me just because he knows it would drive me crazy.

I even miss him calling Lucy "son of a bitch" then technically correcting it to daughter of a bitch. -.- I miss seeing him roughhousing it with Lucy, the two of them are so silly d'awwwww!

It's 2016. The time to be happy is now.

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