Monday, August 08, 2016


(music: Non-Stop - Hamilton)

On Wednesday, before I left Joey's place, I was walking around (you know it's a big house when you can say "walking around" in it, lol) and having my lunch or something, when I saw the snakes napping.

The snakes were quite small, and they were a little cute. This might be the only time you see me use "snakes" and "cute" in the same sentence, unless the word "not" is also there.

My Uber driver was Louise.

She was adorable, I told her I write and I'm looking for a job in LA (to be honest I didn't say I write in LA, I have a plot for the novel that I wanna write and I'm just looking for whatever one-off/odd jobs to sustain myself in the meantime), and she was so encouraging.

She's from the Ivory Coast and she got a sports scholarship to study in the US, she was a track-and-fielder. She said she felt protective of me 'cos her daughter's name is also Sarah, and that that's also the reason she sees me succeeding.

If you hear plastic and/or me chewing, it's just me snacking on like five different sweets/candies that she provided in her car. It's funny, 'cos I Uberpooled so there was another passenger, his name is Roberto. He asked me for my number, which I gave 'cos I'm like yeah whatever, it's a temporary number and I might as well make as many contacts as I can in LA.

I didn't pay much attention to him, but after he alighted (we dropped him off first), Louise said she was observing him through the rear-view mirror and told me to be careful 'cos she didn't want me to be taken advantage of. Apparently she even took note that he was asking whether I drink and whether I would try champagne, because I told him I don't drink. She told me to only drink coffee if I ever went out with him.

I arrived at my next host's place, he had cats.

I'd ironed my dress, but then one of the cats sat on it. I guess it was my fault for having set my dress on the bed instead of hanging it up.

Whenever a cat grovels for belly rubs, I'm reminded of Hobbes from Calvin & Hobbes, which is my favourite comic strip.

They were adorable, even if slightly on the mischievous side.

So when I arrived that night, I had quite a good conversation with my host. I told him I find the people of LA to all be a little unusual, but I like it, because I'm slightly unusual and I feel like I belong here more than I can try to fit in in Singapore.

His girlfriend/partner was also there, but before she left she said they were in an open relationship, and that I shouldn't feel uncomfortable doing anything with him, and then I started feeling uncomfortable. I was like "oh, fuck, what have I gotten myself into now."

I turned my face away so she wouldn't see the expression I was making, there's an emoji for it but Blogger doesn't allow emoji (please keep with the times, Blogger! emojis are the communication tools of today! how will I fully express myself without them?!) but basically it expressed "uhhhh, show me where I'm interested, because I'm not."

I told her I was not interested at all (especially because hello, I'm in love with Joey) but she kept saying it's okay to "reassure me", funny how things can really backfire. You know, I really don't get open relationships. Like, are y'all or aren't y'all? Are you not enough for each other? What's the point?

So the next day, I went for a "date" with Roberto. We went to Umami Burger.

We were given pickles and beetroot to cleanse our palates first or whatever.

Apparently umami is a fifth sort of "flavour" they've (who? Japanese gastronomists? IDK) discovered, along with sweet, sour, salty, bitter. It was okay... I didn't think it was all that delicious. Just alright. Too overhyped, I would say.

I was giving Roberto cash for the meal, because I never let people pay for me (besides well, leeching off them for their houses for a while, I guess) but he kept trying to give it back to me and saying "you can get the next one" but sadly, I'd already made up my mind I wasn't gonna meet him again. I couldn't tell him that, of course, that's savage ("uhh, who says there will be a next time?").

We watched Suicide Squad, it sucked. Even as superhero films go, the plot was so bad. You're all probably still gonna watch it, and then you're gonna agree it's bad, so whatevs. Do as you will.

I didn't quite like him 'cos I knew he didn't even really care what was in my brain/what I had to offer, he was hitting on me within two minutes of being in the same Uber car as me. That's as superficial as you can get.

That night, I was looking for wifi at the mall to get an Uber back to my host's place, and one of the connections was "pretty fly for a wifi". The rest of the world needs to up its game, LA wifi connections have some of the coolest names I've seen.

When I got back, my host made a move on me (like physically) and not only did I not reciprocate it, I literally pushed his hand away. He then put his hand around my waist. Oh man, I don't get it. It's funny how I've met guys from Tinder and guys from Couchsurfing, and this was the second host from Couchsurfing to not have gotten the hint. The guys from Tinder are nicer.

I just, it's not cool to make a move on people whom you're hosting, just 'cos you think they're easy targets as they're a captive audience. It's the wrong platform! You wanna hook up, you go to Tinder!!! Zzzzz... I decided I had to get the fuck out of there.

On Friday, I met a guy called Michael for a date, we'd matched on Tinder. We went to have lunch at Chick-Fil-A, went to Amoeba, then we had boba (that's bubble tea, they call it boba here, it was the first time I was having it in LA, because I generally don't even really fancy the pearls/bubbles/bobas, although I do like the drinks). Boba tastes pretty much the same here.

Mike was sweet and smart and interesting and very thoughtful. It's funny, though, I think some of the guys see my social media (my Instagram is linked on my Tinder), and they wonder whether it's worth it to go out with me, given that I've been pretty much gushing about Joey.

I don't even know why I'm going on other dates, considering when I'm not with Joey, I miss him. It is ridiculous, but Joey doesn't seem to care that I'm meeting other guys. I mean he technically shouldn't care, but I would be upset/annoyed if he was dating other girls. I know it makes no sense, none of it makes any sense.

So after the lunch date with Michael, I went to SpaceX and there was a little queue of people waiting for a tour.

The SpaceX tour was fascinating. You could see parts of rockets that had been previously launched, and parts that were being made for future rocket launches. I don't have any physics or engineering background so it was a lot to take in, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. It's just all so cool and like, awe-inspiring. (Me in my head: "These things have been/will be in outerspace!!!! AMAZEBALLS!!!!") I can't wait till Han gets to see it so she can geek out over every single detail and have all sorts of questions to ask.

SpaceX is very strict about photos in the facility, so here is my rocket scientist Joey driving us out after the tour.

I had brought a few clothes, so I spent the night at Joey's again, because I didn't wanna go back to the Couchsurfing host's in the meantime while I looked for another host. I felt that because he hadn't stopped after I sort of declined the first time, he would have just tried again until I caved in or whatever, if I went back there.

Joey's housemates were going out for a Friday night about town. Joey got changed into a grey shirt that matched the grey shirt I was wearing, so his housemate Tiaan said we looked like Brangelina lolol. I thought I would have time to take a photo with Joey sometime that night, but then I forgot. We actually really did look matching.

When we got to the bar, Tiaan and I realised we hadn't brought our wallets (I didn't know the US take ID'ing/carding so seriously, it was my first time actually going out at night) so we Ubered back to the house to get our ID's.

On the way there and back, Tiaan was saying how great of a guy Joey is, and there was a previous time, their neighbour Russ was over at the house while I was there, and Russ also said Joey is a nice guy. I'm like "okay..... yes I know?? what would you like me to do? set our wedding date??" lolol what am I supposed to do with the knowledge that Joey's a good guy.

It's funny, I don't get why they were talking him up, and almost wingmaning for him, I wanted to say "yes, I already like him, your services are not needed". ;P

At the bar, Joey and his housemates were doing bodyrolls, and Joey is the biggest dork among them all. He's so adorkable, but he's my dork. I was grinning every time I looked at him, and I wanted to hug him just to stop him doing bodyrolls.

I asked Joey if he wanted to play a game of who could get more numbers that night (I'm competitive in the weirdest, most useless ways) but he didn't wanna play 'cos he said he would lose. Sometimes I think Joey's a professional hustler, I didn't get why he doesn't have as much faith in himself, seeing as I really like him and think he's the absolute cutest.

But then I thought about it, and the odds are pretty stacked in my favour, anyway. A girl asking a guy for his number is far likelier to have a positive response, than any guy who might just be deemed creepy for trying to pick up a girl. So maybe he wasn't hustling, it was just the situational truth lol.

Joey does seem to think that his housemates are cooler than he is, for some reason. He says Chip has a moustache that makes him interesting and Tiaan has an accent (tbh Tiaan's South African is really kinda cool) but even if I had met all of his housemates first I would have liked Joey most. I like how he laughs at stupid things and makes awkward jokes and I just have the biggest hearts in my eyes for him. (Blogger, emoji, please!!!!)

So I stayed over, and yesterday Joey wanted to get his new motorbike so he drove his Mazda to Thousand Oaks to get it.

This is me being useless and watching Joey get his car ready to drive out.

We went to Del Amo to get his jacket/helmet/glove.

I don't understand why this man doesn't seem more confident about himself, I adore him. I'm almost sure he has got to be hustling. -.-

We spent a while at Thousand Oaks, the guy checking Joey's credit status, etc. I got a bit hungry and cranky, but we eventually went to have sushi at a place called Minato. The sushi was fresh and delicious.

We sat at the sushi bar and I realised the chefs and waitstaff were speaking Korean (chef was from Busan), so I spoke a little Korean with them. I felt so happy to be utilising some part of my Asian knowledge! Joey said he couldn't tell that they were speaking Korean instead of Japanese. Also: I miss speaking Malay and/or Mandarin so much!

After dinner, Joey drove us back, and I felt like such a deadweight 'cos my inability to drive meant that he couldn't ride his new motorcycle back while I drove his car. I think, if I don't intend to live in Singapore (where the public transportation is still pretty much efficient), I definitely need to learn to drive and/or ride a motorbike.

Thousand Oaks is pretty far away from where he lives, in Manhattan Beach, so today he had to return all the way back there in an Uber, to get his bike and ride it back. :(

However, the good thing is, because Joey drove us back in his Mazda (I wonder if he has a name for it), he raced us through a canyon route. I literally placed my life in his hands as he turned sharp corners and we didn't know if there would be a cliff or another car incoming, which is when I realised I had complete trust in Joey.

I read in Aziz Ansari's Modern Romance that for a first date, you should do something exhilarating like go take rollercoasters 'cos your heightened state of emotions/racing pulse translate into your brain thinking your heart is palpitating because of the person you're with. This is no wonder why I have fallen fast and furious for Joey.

I also needed to hold in my pee and briefly considered peeing in the wilderness. Lesson learned, before I get in or on any vehicle with Joey, go to the toilet first.

After the canyons, we drove along Malibu, and I saw at least 50 stars in the darkening night sky. I know some of you have seen an entire sky strewn with stars but for a girl like me who grew up in a city state overspilling with high-rise buildings, 50 is a lot. I wonder why stars are so pretty though, I mean they're just bright white dots in the sky. I feel like the media has contributed to them being romantic, etc ("look at the stars, look how they shine for you", anyone?).

Last night, I talked to Joey. I told him I'm trying to be more honest and upfront with my feelings because my best friend and several men I was dating seriously, have told me that I tend to not participate in actual conversation, I observe and I think people know what I'm thinking or feeling, but they don't.

Joey said he was the same, lolol. It's true, though. I have no idea what Joey feels. Does he like me? Does he hate me? Is he bored by me? I can't tell!

Also: when I found out Joey's middle name is Alexander, I started thinking of him everytime Angelica/Eliza sing their songs for Alexander Hamilton lolol.

This morning, I went back to the Couchsurfing host's house. He, his girlfriend and his best friend went to the Studio City Farmer's Market so I tagged along, while waiting for my next (and current) host's place to be available.

The place smelled delicious, and you get to taste all the fresh, organic fruit that they grow in farms before you make a purchase. I liked it a lot.

Look at these gigantic onions...

They are each literally bigger than my palm.

There were also very pretty, fresh flowers. I love sunflowers, they are my favourite. Flowers are so expensive in Singapore (IDK why, maybe we have no land to grow them??) and it's so cheap here. I didn't get them though, I wasn't about to spend the last five bucks in my wallet on flowers.

I can still hear my mum lamenting the 10% charge every time I withdraw money from the ATMs here, 'cos I don't have an account with an American bank. The other time I withdrew $60 and six bucks went to the bank. :/ I have no choice, though, the alternative is starving to death with no money, lol.

I had the most delicious mango in my life at my host's house, and then I got out of there, to my newest and current host's place. I feel alright here, 'cos my host has a female housemate, and both of them seem very docile and decent, and they know about the previous guy being a creep, so I think I'll be fine, phew.

Today, Joey sent me a photo of him on his new bike, and I burst into a huge smile. :)

Now all I wanna do is be the first pillion rider on his bike. We have an inside joke now, it's "how many mansions do you have?" hehehe. I don't feel like explaining it so only Joey and I know what it means.

Also, he now holds the record for the most emoji I have next to anyone's name. He now has a red racecar, an ice-cream cone, a violin, rocket, koala bear and a motorbike. Pretty sure I will write an entire story of emoji for him as well.

Edit: my host just got back home and he's rambling about how his date was so bad. He says she was "rich, mean and obnoxious" and it is very amusing, I wanna know how a "bad date" is to a man. I also kinda wish I could be with Joey now (and all the time), sometimes all I want is to space out and he lets me do so, lol.

Have a great week, y'all. Love from LA!

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