Tuesday, August 02, 2016


(music: You Are In Love - Taylor Swift)

Please watch this in HD, so I wouldn't have wasted my time filming it in HD (off Apple Music, no less, you can't find this anywhere else, it is illegal af). One of my most favourite moments in my life (no kidding) was chorusing to You Are in Love at the 1989 concert, in the mosh pit, and feeling everyone singing along at the same time. It was amazing.

So anyway, last week I was rather sick, my ear refused to function and it affected my mood very adversely. I thought it was an ear infection. Kamaron's roommate, Cameron, suggested a free clinic off Hollywood Sunset, so I would save some cash, but on the day I went there (Thursday), there were no doctors in, because they don't have doctors on Thursdays (HAHAHAH!! /lies down on floor in hysterics).

G wrote a pretty nice description of me to inscribe on my tombstone in case we needed it. I really liked it, lolol. Whaddaya know, you can make a best friend and have never met them, and they might still know you very, very well. When am I gonna meet this man??? Who knows???

As I didn't get to see the doctor but was already out of the house, I had lunch at Veggie Grill and had a Papa's Portobello burger, that came with a side of lentil soup. I loved it.

Then I headed to Amoeba Music, which has a hugeass selection of music/movies/concert memorabilia/books etc.

I think, when I stepped into Amoeba, I started feeling better. I browsed books, listened to the selection of music played by the Amoeba staff, fascinated myself with the old-school VHS cassette tapes of movies I'd never heard of.

I was very tempted by the Hamilton soundtrack, but I'm going to wait for the original Broadway recording DVD release, and then I will buy it for myself and for everyone I know, lol. I got Joey to watch the bootleg but he fell asleep (kurang ajar punya budak??? ;P).

I remembered that Kamaron had a record player at home, so to thank him for hosting me, I got him a Johnny Cash vinyl, 'cos I cheated and went through his Facebook to know what he listens to. (Where would we be without Facebook? Nowhere.)

He loved the album and didn't have the vinyl yet, so yay!

One of the nights I was at Kam's and he was working, his roommate Cameron (yes, they have the same name, different spellings) had a friend over and they watched Coming to America, so I watched it together with them as I was in the living room.

Cameron works on an Avengers cartoon TV series, and I'm not quite sure what his job scope is but one of the days he said he had to write down the movement of each frame for the storyboard, before it could be sent to Korea to be animated. Maybe he's a storyboard artist? Who even knows.

No but as I was saying, Cameron and his friend watched Coming to America, and they had comments about the "seams" between the set and the background or something, and callbacks to Eddie Murphy's previous movie.

And then, his friend said "even the dog is breaking the fourth wall! you can't have every character break the fourth wall", which is a thing I'd never usually hear in Singapore. I love hearing LA-specific comments like that, everybody here is so..... jargony and technical. It's like a whole LA-universe of geek speak, and the thing is everybody here speaks it --- either in terms of film or TV or music or stand-up comedy.

On Friday, I got an Uber to Dodger Stadium.
My Uber driver was a rapper, he played his tracks and told us the venue he performs at, etc. He barely had his hand on the wheel while he drove, he was dabbing and all, it was hilarious when he spouted expletives and suddenly stopped to ask my fellow passenger to confirm the route.

Not for the first time, I need to say how much I enjoy interacting with the characters of LA.

The rapper driver dude reminded me of CL's Hello Bitches, for some reason. Oh CL, I don't even understand the level of cultural appropriation (?!?!) in her video, I mean South Korea is rather anti-black and racist even in some of the other K-pop music videos, but then CL goes and IDK??? I mean, exploit their culture when there is commercial gain to be made???

CL is such a hot mess, why are all our faves so problematic (oh hell yeah, I realise Taylor Swift doesn't have such a clean record).

I went to watch the Dodgers game, they were playing Arizona.

At the end of the game, I still didn't understand nor follow baseball, but I loved the experience. I loved the cheers, seeing the tiny little kids --- I don't know which was cuter, the kids wearing teeny-tiny Dodgers T-shirts or kids wearing baggy, oversized adult tees, so adorable!!! --- or actually experiencing the hotdogs and the lemonades and the churros upclose, and eating a 'dog myself, and seeing the Kiss Cam focus on elderly couples who then bashfully kissed, oh my gosh, I loved it all.

From the stadium, I headed over to Joey's place. There was a party of some sort, so for every two out of three people I met that night, Joey would say he had no clue who they were or what their names were.

Joey and I played ping pong for a while, and you know, for someone who hates being judged for my looks, I can be pretty damn superficial. I was ogling at Joey 'cos he has nice arms. He's not in the photo above, because when he was playing, I was also playing and I clearly am not a crazily good multi-tasker to be playing ping pong and taking a photo at the same time.

It also has not one, not two, but even a tertiary living room! I told Joey this was the very definition of #privilege. It's a little joke between us.

We had a conversation about privilege and Joey seems to think that if you work hard, you deserve the privilege that you bask in, without considering that it was the very privilege some people enjoy of their skin colour or their gender or even where they are born and grow up, that they could get there easier than someone else who might have had to work much, much harder, even if both people had been born with the exact same skillset.

It reminded me of a conversation I had with G about a month ago.

I would have loved to play the violin, but it wasn't as accessible to me. In fact, I would say just expressing my interest in the violin, maybe some of my peers would say I'm acting "uppity" and "tak sedar diri", that's how inaccessible it is. Social class is a strange but interesting thing.

They have a pet snake, which I couldn't photograph because it was hiding. But they have a pet snake.

The house houses a wine company.

Some ~cool vibes~

Joey and his favourite grassy helmet. I don't even know.

One of his housemates' motorcycles with a sidecar. I thought this was both cute and cool at the same time.

Joey drives a Mazda RX-7 (I think, but I'm not sure)...

--- but also this will get me started on a tangent, I can't stand how and why cars are so cool just 'cos guys are so into them, but fashion isn't because it's considered a "feminine" thing; like, hello, this world is too damn patriarchal, WHAT is so cool about cars, really??? if you think the fashion industy is a wasteful, frivolous thing, what about racing cars that are clearly just a waste of fuel and are really bad for the environment???!!! why why why does society deem one to be superficial and not the other, just because men got so interested in cars in the first place????!!!!)

...but anyway, yeah, so he drives an RX-7 (still can't confirm but I will sneakily ask him later), and although I couldn't give less of a fuck about cars, I can't deny it was fun when he drove and I rode shotgun and he complained about how I didn't even let him get out of second gear, but we were in the LAX tunnel and there was traffic, okay!!!!

I tried to get a selfie of us but it didn't look nice nor like we were in a sports car. I'm hoping while I'm around here, he drives out of LA so he can actually race it and oh hellllll yes the thrill of it. Also, I would love a nice photo of us in the car with our shades on (yeah, completely narcissistic douchebag move, who's denying?) but then we would need someone outside the car to take a photo of us in it, and ---- the logistics are killing my brain. :P

(but also: me not being able to drive in LA renders me pretty much the most useless person here in the entire damn county! Goddamn I would have loved to drive Joey's car)

Apparently the bathroom is an homage to Scarface.

Joey's racing tickets. He hasn't been to the Singapore circuit yet.

Joey's favourite thing in the world is playing music, 'cos he's played the violin since he was six, and he says he wouldn't be able to live if he didn't have music.

Look at his arms. (heart-eyes-emoji) Why are guys' arms so attractive??? They are just... arms????

He was trying to play to Taylor Swift's Love Story, just 'cos I love her, which is such a dork move. I was like "this dork, what is he tryna do, make me fall for him???" Of course it worked.

This is the room I've been staying in. I asked Joey if the mirrors are for like his voyeuristic sexcapades, but he wouldn't give me a straight answer. Your guess is as good as mine.

I think it might have been that night, I kinda cried, because of a few reasons at once. I didn't feel good.

I generally cry very easily, like I have a lot of feelings and the people whom I'm close with would just brush it off if I cried at anything. I can't do that while I'm travelling solo, they don't know me at all, and it would be so strange to cry in front of strangers, and having to explain myself.

I cried in front of Joey, though. We made jokes about me being a basketcase, but I felt much better after tearing a bit. It just felt nice to be able to talk to him.

On Saturday, Joey brought me to his friend Carlo's pool party, before we headed to the beach.

That's Carlo trying to get a ball off the roof..... The guy in the really bright shirt is Bryant.

Joey's friends were hilarious, from the house to the beach, they were just cracking me up. I also talked to these two really nice ladies, who are friends of Carlo's, their names were Rita and Anna, but I don't have photos of them.

Pretty much all of them work at SpaceX, which was very enlightening to me. I know it's probably a grossly inaccurate stereotype but I thought rocket scientists were all geeky and nerdy and they were straight-edged and didn't know how to have fun, but all those people were super funny and enjoyable company.

They all got drunk at some point or another, and I honestly would not have thought of them as scientists or engineers. They have lives and know how to have fun!!! ;P

We went to Venice Beach, played in the water a bit, suntanned a bit. I shared a scoop of strawberry cheesecake and a scoop of ginger snaps ice-cream with Joey. (Yummy ice-cream + beach = 1000000%) You know, you put me together with ice-cream and a man, and I will fall for that man, it's almost like I'm projecting my feelings for the ice-cream towards the guy. /slaps forehead

While suntanning, I asked Joey if he had applied sunscreen, and he said he hadn't. I asked why, and he said he would probably get cancer anyway. 'cos he works around gas and fuels and crap. I didn't quite respond to it, but holy crap do I resent people who take a lackadaisical approach/attitude towards cancer prevention.

It's like people who smoke, and saying they would probably get cancer, anyhow. I hate it, because my mum had cancer, and the genes run strong in my family, and people who say it with such callousness are so... selfish. Cancer doesn't affect just one person, it affects your friends and family. If only smokers understood it, ugh.

After the beach, we went to Wurstk├╝che, a German eatery that serves only sausages. It's apparently German for "wiener kitchen" (not fact-checking it, don't know). I had a lamb sausage in a roll. It was alright.

What I enjoyed was while waiting for your food, you can draw on the tables (it has like kraft paper wrapping) with the crayons provided.

Joey drew a mountainous scenery...

And then he coloured in a flower that some previous person had drawn...

His look of intense focus!

Yesterday, Joey had to work (on a Sunday, yep, they're working on a new rocket prototype or something) so I stayed in and read his dissertation.

It was all very jargony but I told myself, my best friend is an engineer and in some alternate universe, I could definitely have been an engineer too, so I will understand this.

I read the terms without fully comprehending the meaning and depth of it, but all I started feeling was.... If/when I have (a) kid/s, I am going to have money for them to go to university if they want to. It's not so much that they have to, but sometimes I feel like...

My three best friends are a doctor, an engineer and an accountant-turned-teacher, and they all have in-depth knowledge about their fields, and so too do most of my peers. And I, I don't have any specialised knowledge at all! I want my kid to feel equipped (?) in any field at all, regardless of whether it's an artsy thing or musical or fashion or cars or medicine.

I gotta start getting my shit together, because I am not gonna have kids unless and until I'm sure they can get the education they want. While we're on that note, I'm not sure whether I'd prefer to have a daughter or a son. If I have a daughter, I will allow her to do anything she wants, so she doesn't learn any limitations of being female. If I have a son, imma discipline that kid to be aware of how privileged he is to be born a male. Lololol. Patriarchy? Not in my household, kid.

For one reason or another, Joey mentioned his disdain at the Snapchat dog/flower crown filters, and he doesn't get why people think it's cute (he also threw some serious shade at Coachella girls and he says people playing PokemonGo are going through natural selection --- tsktsk, so judgmental!)...

I wanted to send him this Snap, but as I'm staying in his house, I have to think it over, as he may throw me out anytime he wants.... ;P

Today, I feel like I'm light again. It's been more than a year since the great American cheating douchebag that was Daniel Grayson, and it's almost coming to a year since the whole dad-cheating fiasco crap, and this trip has been up and down (mostly up), and I feel like I've shaken it all off, back to when I could dance to Shake It Off, at the start of last year, before shit started weighing me down.

I might not be privileged like quite a decent amount of people I know of, but I'm still very much blessed. I've always felt safe with my family, supported by my friends, and I grew up in a space that -while not my ideal- gave me room to push and learn about the world, and to experience it myself. I don't have the best of it, I don't have the worst of it. I get the worst of times, I also get the best of times.

This Friday, I will tentatively be going to SpaceX to have a tour! I wish so, so hard that Han could be there with me (she's the one who had dreams of being an astronaut). I'm gonna exercise my journalistic tendencies and absorb everything like a sponge so I can share it all with her.

In the meantime, I'm gonna enjoy my time with my rocket scientist (I wonder if they think of themselves as "rocket scientists", I mean they technically are). Well also technically, my rocket scientist Joey is at work, so I think I'm gonna run in the neighbourhood and... I dunno, make friends?

This post has been edited to include my best friend's reactions:

New on my LA bucket list: marry Joey? HAHAHAHAHA.

Have a lovely, amazing August, y'all. So Much Love! ♥

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