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I'm sorry if my tone in this post is a little lacklustre, it's my last morning in LA for now, and I'm bummed. I know I shouldn't be, though, I've had adventures and experiences that don't come easy for everybody, and through all the ups and downs, I'm infinitely glad it all happened.

Last Monday, I wore a rather pink outfit and it matched Bill's house's bathroom.

I was going to Universal Studios with William, who is the best person I could have gone to the Harry Potter Wizarding World with. I'm so, so glad I met another enthusiastic Potterhead like I was.

(I asked Joey but he's not interested in book fandoms like I am, at all.)

William was the sweetest and took a gazillion photos of/for me, he had been to the Harry Potter Studios in Florida.

While queuing for rides and stuff, we played the Harry Potter category on the Charades app on our phones. We aced it, from Mundungus Fletcher to Animagus to Knut to Bathilda Bagshot to Nagini. We were being such Harry Potter geeks and excitedly playing, that a couple of people asked what app it was, and wanted to test their own knowledge of the Potter universe. (^u^)v

I really enjoyed the 4D ride, and the food and Butterbeer, and I finally got myself Hermione Granger's wand, because she's my favourite character. When I stepped into Madam Malkins (for robes), I launched myself into the Gryffindor robes, and the storekeeper asked "are you okay?" HAHAHA.

I was taking a gazillion photos in my Gryffindor robe and tie, with my wand, in the store, because I am a broke-ass girl who can't afford to get the robe/tie. Some guy stared at me and almost asked me a question, I think he thought I worked there, then he said "you look like a genuine Hogwarts student." (^u^)v

Once we were done with the Harry Potter Studios, William and I went on a few other rides in Universal, including the Studio Tour, which showed special effects and sound stages and all.

It was really cool and fascinating and fun.

We ended the day with a Ben & Jerry's cone, and then we were completely knackered.

On Tuesday, I met a guy called Dan. He writes scores, and plays dozens of instruments, and he's currently working on a musical. I was showing him Huda's cover of Satisfied, and he said she has an amazing, brilliant, effortless voice (which she does) and I told him I'm really proud of her 'cos she's one of my best friends and she's extremely, beyond talented, I can't even.

So then I showed him her cover of Yuna's Decorate, and then one of my favourite Youtube videos ever, of Yuna singing Decorate with PS 22 in New York.

Then Dan told me, his friend Ingrid sang with PS 22 as well, and I thought "must be some other Ingrid" but then he went to tell me he played for Ingrid Michaelson on her tour, and sang You and I (one of my favourite songs of Ingrid's) with her, and produced some of her records.

He showed me videos of them touring together. I was kinda like, floored. I told him I was gonna go to her new CD release signing last week, but I couldn't figure out a way to Metro to the mall, so I didn't go. He said he was there, and if I'd met him, he could have gotten me in to a private show which he had a plus-one for. ????!?!?!?!?!

What. are. the. odds.

I was actually gonna get the CD and get it signed as Huda's birthday present, because she's one of our favourite singers and we went to Ingrid's concert together and it was such a lovely, emotional time. But I didn't go for the signing 'cos I'm a poop, and now Ingrid is back in New York. I asked Dan if he could ask Ingrid to sing Huda a birthday song, though. IDK if that will happen, but we'll see.

Dan says Huda is so talented, she would be able to make it out here in LA though, especially 'cos she seems to have a story, and people here like performers with stories to tell. !!!!!!!!!!

I went to Target and saw Dreyers ice-cream going at 3 for $10 and bought three tubs, of course. If I lived in LA, I would live on Trader Joe's, eggs and ice-cream.

Each tub is bigger than my face. And they were so delicious too, especially the Washington Apple Pie which had pieces of apple in it. ERGH SO GOOD.

On Saturday, I went for Shake Shack with William.

YAAASSS is pretty much how I feel about California.

Also: SHAKE SHACK IS YAAASSS. In-N-Out, what???? Who currrs? Shake Shack is the best. It doesn't look like much but my Shack Stack had a beef burger patty, AND a portobello mushroom that was fried with cheese inside it. Y U M.

I let William watch Huda's cover of Satisfied as well, because I'm a proud best friend, and William also makes music, he's a drummer and he was going for a recording session that afternoon.

That night, I met Joey and his friend/neighbour Russ.

I had Red Bull Cranberry for the first time and liked it. I liked that night, exploring Hermosa beach on my own, and then hanging out with Joey and Russ. Joey had had a haircut and I just wanted to run my fingers through it (but of course I didn't, although he already knows I'm a creep, anyway :P).

I made a friend called Abby and she also writes and is studying fashion now, and I feel like we really connected. Unfortunately the timeline was really tight and I didn't get to meet her again. :( Oh well, I guess it just means more reason for me to return to LA soon. ;)

On Monday, Joey took me riding in the canyons.

It was fun, but really tiring for both of us. It was his first time riding with a passenger (he got his riding licence a month ago), and I was just holding on tightly for my dear life 'cos Joey loves to speed.

Yesterday I did something that was so... citizen-like. I really feel like I've naturalised to LA, I've gotten sick here and gotten better, and then this time, I took the Metro train and fell asleep, missed my stop, and woke up on the other end of the line!!!!!!!!!!!

It's exactly the same as I would have done in Singapore. Zzzzzz...

I was looking at a post with sardonic quotes about love, and my brain is now wired to apply them to Joey.

Everything is pretty much #truth, and we've gone through some of it!!!!

Some of my LA experiences have been posted onto Facebook and Instagram, because they're much more in-the-moment, and you can read about them at length below:

A couple of days ago, one of my ex-bosses from I Am... passed away. Some of you might know and remember Sarong, who was always the one to love everyone and make us laugh. He was always ready to laugh at himself. I wish I'd had the chance to visit him, but I didn't.

I guess the mood is a pretty sombre one for the end of my trip.

He was quite a character, and a lot of people knew him without even really knowing him. My mum felt sad and she didn't know him personally, but she knew that he was a kind, generous mentor to myself and Lyssa. He was like a "dad/granddad" figure to us, although he hated admitting he was old.

It's really quite sad to read all the posts, from the papers and social media, tributes to him. I think he's in a better place, and he deserves it, for all the love he has spread and supported. Sarong, if you could see us now, you would be so proud of all the love you're blessed with, and all the love you have blessed us with.

Tell everyone you love them. Thank you to all of you. I love you, and you know who you are. My whole extended family (especially Mum and Nyai and Lyssa) and my best friends, Han, Tiqs, Sha, and the guai-kia (I never know if this includes Tim but for now it does lol) and Pam and Viv, and Chloe. Thank you for seeing me through these years. I love you.

And I guess I love my baby koala as well. I don't know how and why, I just do, okay? I'm going to miss him so, so, so, so much.

LA has been really good to me, thank you! Thank you to everyone who hosted me, fed me food so I wouldn't die of hunger, drove me around, was amazing company at my favourite places, taught me about life in LA, taught me about life from any different and new perspective.

See you on the other side!

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