Friday, November 18, 2016


Today I was looking for a notebook to pen my thoughts in, because I had some inspiration for my writing (if you just stumbled here from an alternate universe, I'm writing a novel) and I opened my travel journal, the one that says "get lost" on its cover.

I came across the pages of "people I've met along the way" and read the little snippets that I'd written about some of the people I'd met earlier on my journeys in LA. I stopped writing down these notes when I met Joey, which is a real pity, because I should've written something about Annie! And Sam, and James! And William! And Bill! I mean I did write about them online, but I wish I had something on paper.

It makes me feel.... a very weird surreal nostalgic feeling reading all of this, just three months down the road. It makes me feel like, despite all the changes, all the discoveries and bitterness that's been introduced in my life, I remember all these things and I still feel them, and I'm somewhat still the same person. Somewhat? I think that's a good thing? A little bit, slightly.

This is what I wrote about Joey, if you care to read. I honestly, really, unabashedly feel exactly the same as the last time I saw him, which was about two and a half months ago.

People I've Met Along The Way: (sidenote --- I feel this would make a good title for a novel)

Joey: first name Joseph like my celebrity crush Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Goes by Joey 'cos that's what his mum calls him. Has an older brother. Joey's father is not game enough to order spicy food, but apparently likes food that is spicy, according to Joey. Has an older neighbour/friend Russ, who seems to treat Joey like a son, and whom Joey regards as a bit of a dad figure. I love observing their relationship. According to Russ, they share the same birthdate: July 13 but I haven't found out if this is true, not even sure that's Joey's birthday.

He has previously dated a Chinese lady, and an Indian lady, and some of my ex-colleagues used to joke that I "only date white guys", so I'm not sure what that means about both Joey and myself: do we fetishise each other? O.O

Joey presently works as a structures engineer for SpaceX. For one of our "dates" he gave me a tour of the SpaceX facility. I have never had such workplace envy, not least because it was/has always been my best friend's ambition to be an astronaut. I wish Han had gone for the SpaceX tour, or that she could meet Joey. He seems to be stretched thin by SpaceX, even his housemates know he spends too much time at work. When we were at SpaceX, though, I saw rockets that had been outside the Earth's atmosphere, that were blackened and waiting to be repainted and re-launched and Joey was explaining the parts to me, I knew that unlike many people, he is privileged enough to be involved in the future of all humankind, should Mars prove to be a viable situation for us.

He likes fast cars and bikes. I don't think the words "slow" and "regular resting heart rate" exist in his dictionary. He raced in the canyons, with me, both in his Mazda and on his Triumph. One night, while we were driving back from Malibu, I was admiring the stars actually twinkling in the black sky above the sea, and although we were going really fast, Joey let me hold his hand on the gear stick and I drifted off to sleep. That's when I knew I felt safe with him, regardless where we were, what vehicle we were on, and the mph of said automobile. I trusted Joey, and "fast" became my new "resting heart rate".

He plays piano and violin and he also has a turntable. I asked what he wouldn't be able to live without, and he answered "making music". The first time I met Russ, Joey was scratching Taylor Swift's Love Story for me.

Despite my ramblings, Joey is a pretty unassuming guy. The day I met him, I was making my way to his house from the Dodger Stadium after my first live baseball game (that I clearly still don't understand). I remember Joey said it would be expensive to catch an Uber from DTLA to his place in Manhattan Beach, but I sent him a screenshot gloating about the low fare I'd been offered and accepted. Even when I first laid eyes on him, he was the decent, quiet one among a house of partygoers. I thought he would be harmless. Unlike Taylor Swift, I still didn't know he was trouble, but it's the quiet, unassuming ones you have to be on the watch for, because even when they're stealing your heart, they don't seem to know it, but then, nor do you.

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