Saturday, May 26, 2018


Adam: How'd it go
Sarah: How'd what go?
Adam: Sleeping of course
Sarah: It went okay hahaha
Sarah: It was sleep
Adam: Hell yeah
Sarah: How was your evening?
Adam: Spent in a car going to Vermont
Adam: I'm bushed
Sarah: Is it a holiday or you're just going back for the weekend?
Adam: Yeah it's a three day weekend
Sarah: What's the holiday
Adam: Memorial Day
Adam: We remember dead soldiers
Sarah: Okay i kinda knew that
Sarah: Just not the date
Adam: Pretty grim
Sarah: Okay *puts on my most solemn face, no giggling
Adam: Thank u
Adam: It means a lot to our troops
Sarah: Right i can't tell if you're just pulling a fast one
Adam: Lol come on
Adam: Do I give a shit about our troops
Sarah: HahahahahHHHhahahahaha
Sarah: All the giggling the entire weekend
Adam: The answer is no lol

Last night/this morning, depending on what timezone you're using, Adam brought up Jordan Peterson, so then I talked to Ben about Jordan Peterson. Adam wants to be the anti-Jordan Peterson and I'm completely in favour of this. Ben and I also talked about privilege and how some people don't recognise privilege because they've studied and worked too hard all their lives, and they want to attribute all the things they've earned to the sheer hard work they've put in, but like. Not acknowledging privilege is so silly, like if you think I don't earn as much as you do because I don't hustle as hard as any other person, when I'm at work practically every weekend, if you think I haven't achieved as much success because I'm lazy as opposed to because my family could not afford as many opportunities as other families could, I mean, that's a different kind of blindness.

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