Friday, September 21, 2018


Sarah: Adam ernest downer i swear i will punch you

Adam: You'd have to come visit to do so :)

Sarah: Yes and then we will be kissing and i will punch you out of nowhere and you'll be angry at me
Sarah: And then i will feel the matter resolved

Adam: And then I'll throw u down

Sarah: You cant, i will do this at the airport

Adam: You know
Adam: Fair

Sarah: Always
Sarah: I love you
Sarah: Stupid

Adam: I love u too kid
Adam: And I am stupid

Sarah: Yeah prolly why i fell so deeply for you
Sarah: *eyeroll*

Adam: Lol

Sarah: The woes of attraction

Adam: I like ur attitude towards things
Adam: Rly

Sarah: What attitude

Adam: Challenging and curious and combative and sweet with a big heart

Sarah: I love you
Sarah: You're silly and make me smile and i dont have the words for you yet cos im busy smiling

Adam: Hehehe
Adam: I was thinking about it today
Adam: Like what qualities I like in u
Adam: And I can't find in other ppl
Adam: U got spunk kid

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