Sunday, October 07, 2018


So here are the things Adam and I have planned, whether it's because either one of us hasn't seen it, or it's just something we wanna rewatch together: Chopped, Phantom Thread, The Good Place, Her, Queer Eye, The Princess Bride, and La La Land. We're also gonna go record-shopping and I'm supposed to read his copy of White Teeth by Zadie Smith.

This is one of the few SFW photos I have of him, with all his bad-angle-double-chin glory. I've been recently moving a lot of media from him to my phone's secure folder, and if you don't know what that means, stay precious, bbs. (I most definitely have a thing for white men with boyish faces, jesus.)

We have conversations that range from this —
Adam: Brie Larson is only 29
Adam: Thought she was like mid 30s
Adam: I have a chance

Sarah: Ok go!!!!
Sarah: Does she live in NY?

Adam: Thanks!
Adam: I'm pretty sure LA
Adam: cuz she's Hollywood

Sarah: Ok you just gotta move cross country
Sarah: Super doable

Adam: No problemo!
Adam: If you can move across the world I can move across the country
Adam: U inspired me

Sarah: Wowzers

Adam: Thanks!

Sarah: >:(

Adam: Hehehehe

Sarah: Dont you dare move to LA if i move to NY
Sarah: Dont you D A R E

Adam: Hehehehehehehe
Adam: It would be pretty funny tho

Sarah: It would not

Adam: But I won't of course lol
Adam: "Sarah I'm very glad you've come but I am moving to Los Angeles to try to hit on Brie Larson"
to this —
Adam: Basically the Republican half of our country is an intensely cruel governing body that only cares about flaunting their power at the expense of the country

Sarah: I know, i see that

Adam: They don't give a shit about anything except beating the left

Sarah: I'm sorry for it
Sarah: How bad is the decision though? Like does it mean really bad things for the future? I'm sorry, i really don't know what the decision entails and what he's in control of

Adam: Ok
Adam: So
Adam: The Supreme Court of the US is supposed to be a panel of judges which arbitrate on the highest cases in the country

Sarah: Ok i see now
Sarah: The potential

Adam: They are appointed lifetime positions
Adam: It's a miserable system that is being abused
Adam: So Kavanaugh is like fifty
Adam: And a lifetime appt for him means a sexual assaulting far right lunatic on a team of nine for like thirty years

Sarah: Who else is on the panel? Did they also vote him in? Are they similar people or do they get veto votes?

Adam: The judges are nominated by the president and ratified by the senate
Adam: When trump nominated Kavanaugh it sucked but what really sucks is he wasn't even a part of his confirmation process
Adam: After the sexual assault allegations and the temper tantrum Kavanaugh threw in the hearings
Adam: The Senate STILL will confirm him because it's majority Republican right now
Adam: Right now, with Kavanaugh, there are five right leaning judges and four left
Adam: So things like legal abortion in the US are at stake

Sarah: I see
Sarah: It's so strange how America is

Adam: Oh we suck an entire ass

Sarah: The left are such far left, and the right are so far right, like yall are polar opposites and no one has any chill

Adam: Republicans destroyed that during Obama

Sarah: The middle ground?

Adam: Obama tried really hard to be centrist and republicans just kept moving the goalposts further away
Adam: And wouldn't cave on anything to him
Adam: When Obama nominated a judge
Adam: A centrist judge
Adam: They refused to hold a hearing for him

Sarah: Refused?

Adam: Yes

Sarah: Isn't it like the law

Adam: Yr starting to see the issue now

Sarah: Omg

Adam: They claimed it was an election year so it was unfair
Adam: To appoint a judge of a president on the way out
Adam: Which flew in the face of the entire history of the country
Adam: Election year appointees have happened multiple times in American history

Sarah: I would imagine and believe, because their excuse is ridiculous

Adam: So then Hillary lost and trump put in a judge that no one gave a shit about
Adam: And now it's Kavanaugh which has been an entire national disgrace

Sarah: It is, huh
Sarah: I'm sorry
Sarah: For women, people of color, liberal white people etc

Adam: Yeah
Adam: The existential despair this imparts
Adam: Is reeeeeeeally heavy
So I was supposed to see my therapist on Wednesday, but she was on sick leave because the universe just apparently does not want me to stay here because my mental health is at stake. I went to see a sunflower exhibition instead. I guess I love sunflowers so much and they brighten my mood up it might have replaced a therapy session successfully, this once.

This week has also been one of the longest work weeks I've had in my life. We held Singapore's very first Lush showcase which I think, by any standards, was a great success!

I've never used Craigslist because it seems dodgy but I'm looking for apartments and need it to be cheap, and when living in America, do as Americans do, I suppose? I'm gonna go catch up on some sleep, but have a great sunny week ahead, y'alls.

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