Tuesday, October 30, 2018


So I went to therapy and had a really good, very productive session. I told her something that so far, I've only told the men I've known, as well as my three best friends. It's the one thing I've never really explicitly said here (although you can glean it from bits and pieces and even later in this post), so I suppose, I do have some notion of private boundaries, huh. I will miss my therapist, but my real personal growth will start when I'm out of my comfort zone and I take my adulthood in my own hands. I could talk about the book I'm reading, the movies I've seen, but at the moment I just want to bask in the silliness that's Adam and I. I will be seeing him, for the first time, in less than a month, so when that time comes, you might be able to see him and I being stupid together in the same photos, but until then, here are our words.
Adam: Nah I do stupid shit if I really like someone lol

Sarah: Great

Adam: Like oh we've dated for a month and you're going abroad for a year? Fuck it let's do it

Sarah: That
Sarah: Is my case

Adam: Lol
Adam: Great

Sarah: For why you're curious

Adam: Oh

Sarah: No i hadn't finished
Sarah: Again never have

Adam: Why you're the same way

Sarah: Hehehe

Adam: that rocked

Sarah: I love you

Adam: I can't wait to tell u I love u to ur dang FACE
Adam: anyway yr the same as what I just described bb

Sarah: Yeah we are both curious creatures

Adam: I guess

Sarah: Ahhhhh

Adam: Or very simple

Sarah: I can't wait for irl I love yous
Sarah: Eeeeeeeee

Adam: Weeeeeee
Adam: Wahoooooo

Sarah: Ah
Sarah: So stoked

Adam: This months gonna be hard lol
Adam: Everyday will be like AHHHH

Sarah: Hehehe
Sarah: I love you so much
Sarah: Which crazy person would AHHHHH all the time wimme

Adam: I'm not nuts lol neither are you

Sarah: I know i don't mean like crazy
Sarah: But crazy!!!!

Adam: Crazy for u yes

Sarah: God
Sarah: You make me smile JEEEEZ STOP

Adam: Hahahaha
Adam: Sorry bb
Adam: We are not abnormal ppl

Sarah: Nope we are not

Adam: I think we both have very good heads on our shoulders and it's crazy lucky we found each other
Adam: But the idea we are both nuts or something I think discredits the great work we've put into ourselves in the past year
Adam: Like last year, sure, both nuts
Adam: Now we got this

Sarah: No i don't mean we're both crazy like in a mental health way at all, i just mean it rlly does feel so crazy that we have such feels without having met, like i think there would definitely still be lots of people who find out our situation and go like, yall nuts

Adam: Hahahaha
Adam: Okay fair
Adam: That is true

Sarah: Mwah
Sarah: So close bb

Adam: Mwwwah
I haven't settled my apartment, because I'm trying to work out a balance between living close enough to Adam, affording a nice place, and being in a safe area of Brooklyn. Adam lives in a better area, but obviously he's a white man who's grown up in New York all his life, and he can afford it, but me, not so much. I've seen some pretty decent places with very affordable rent, but Adam says they're in high-crime areas and also far from him. So we'll see. It's almost November, and a month is about the ideal timeframe to look into a new place to move to, according to him.

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