Wednesday, February 6, 2019


I did one for Cali so the least I could do was do a one-minute montage for New York, right? I didn't really take as many videos 'cos I didn't think I would have a deadline, but eh, I think I have at least as much fondness for New York as I do for the West Coast. As they say, Cali has the weather, but New York has personality. :P

If you compare the two videos, you'll see that the only thing they have in common is Hamilton. I doodled some Hamilton things when we ate at Wurstk├╝che in LA, where they have wax paper and crayons to entertain you while you wait. One of the songs I used in the West Coast video is also from Hamilton.

Two and a half years later, I finally got to see Hamilton live in New York. Life is chess, not checkers. The day you plant your seeds, is not the day they grow. I'm writing a book, and by virtue of the book, I will meet Lin-Manuel Miranda. Watch me water my seeds. (I dunno why that sounds like innuendo, I don't mean it to be, jeez.)

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