Sunday, April 14, 2019


Not at Coachella but y'all know I wouldn't miss any chance to have glitter on my face — I recently heard a remark that one might appreciate my words more than my photos, which is a valid enough opinion bc you can glean much more personality and character from words than photographs and I do like that people appreciate my writing, but it's a good thing this was said to Me, perhaps bc they also knew I'm so opinionated I would do what I want anyway: life is real short and unlike in fiction, there is no pause or reset button, you have one life to do all the things you want to. You can like posing for photographs as much as you like books, you can enjoy racecars as much as crossword puzzles, you can refrain from using single-use plastic as well as put pressure on corporations to stop polluting the environment, you can like cats And dogs, you can waste time on Instagram and still be a pseudo-Intellectual™️, you can do it all and be it all. #coachella #notrllytho #glitter #makeup #yolo #thanksforcomingtomytedtalk
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Today, we found an astronaut Barbie at work and no one wanted it so I took it. Isn't it cute? I love it. It's my new favorite toy. It's like a blonde Valentina Tereshkova. It then made me think of three people consecutively. It's strange that I gravitated towards people who love the outerspace. My best friend Han had childhood dreams of being an astronaut, but Singapore doesn't have a space program (srsly what do we have?). I met Joey and saw rockets at SpaceX. I then became close to Tina, whose IG handle was @spacegirltina when I first met her, who has a lunar globe in her apartment, whose cat is named Hadley, and who gave me a dress with planets on it. How fascinating.

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