Monday, April 8, 2019


So I have a new favorite live performance video, which is this one of Electric Fields performing Nina, their song comprised of lyrics made up of a speech by Nina Simone. It is brilliant and magical and electric and electrifying and I cannot get enough of it. Wow I haven't gone for a live show forever. "What's freedom to me? Same thing it means to you - you tell me!"

I was reading Feminists Don't Wear Pink (and other lies), a compilation of essays on feminism. I chose some of my absolute favorites, although the entire book is a precious gem, and have included them in some posts. Viv had borrowed the book from the library, then thought it was "very me", so she passed it to me, and wow, I love it.

Also, I was very literally bored, and this happened. Ariana Grande is such a mood.

My best friend Han says, regardless what happens, April 1 2021 is my deadline to start or least receive a placement in university, and April 1 2031 is my deadline to have cleared all my student loans incurred. She gave me 5 years to clear them after I graduate. She also told me I have to put this on here, so I'm accountable for it. HAHAHAHA. Find you some best friends who are insane planners if you ain't one, maybe it'll help compensate for the lack of planning in your parents and family?????

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