Monday, June 24, 2019


When you are not in a relationship, you think that it's close to impossible to find and be in a happy one. You see your friends in happy loving relationships and feel happy for them, but you live vicariously through them, because it just doesn't seem to be something attainable. You are such an individual: aren't we all? I used to think I'd never find a piece that fits. I'm impatient, I'm so fussy with my social justice demands, yet still problematic in some ways, I think I don't belong. I want to be different, and I think, no, no one could be as different as I am. One day I received a message on OKCupid and I think, ugh, here is another guy performing feminism to get in my pants, asking for what I'm reading. Then I find out he speaks a bit of Singlish so I don't have to really explain its nuances though sometimes he does amuse me with how inaccurate he is. He tells me he has something embarrassing to share, then shows me his cryptocurrency portfolio. “This is the most capitalist thing I've done.” He has (a little) money but is embarrassed, almost, to have it. Could I have found a more suitable person? We talk about our fear of death, we laugh about signages that are over-the-top, we vogue and dance and fret over political situations in the world. If you have not yet found love, don't ever stop believing you're a goddess and that someone will worship you the way you deserve to be, and you will want to do the same for them. It may take a few detours, but all of it is worth it. Post-script: category is... Sarah rambling off on one of her tangents #love #infinitypool #vogue #bougie #asia
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Just couple things. Sometimes I wonder if someone really paid Lucas to be just about the most perfect, suitable partner for me, I could ever have. But then he does something that gets on my nerves, so I know it's real.

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