Sunday, October 20, 2019


Last week, I shared a post by Ryan Creamer on Instagram Stories, with the caption "this man makes me so happy I'm alive at this time if ever he becomes problematic just kill me" bc I think he's super cute. If you don't know who Ryan Creamer is, he uploads wholesome (pure) videos onto Pornhub with wholesome captions and it's just the funniest. For e.g., he has Asa Akira and I Do Not Have Sex at a Hotel, Snapchat Compilation of Me Respecting Your Boundaries, and Secretary and Boss Enjoy Healthy Working Relationship. HAHAHAHAHAHA HIS VIDEOS MAKE ME LAUGH SO MUCH.

Tina replied asking "is that ur ex? jk lol" to which I responded "omg now u mention it i had a photo of him in this exact pose outside spacex lololol" and then we left it at that bc whatever, right? Wrong. Because my life is a simulation, today I found the photo without even meaning to, when I was trying to do something else on my MacBook. The thing is, I was sure I'd done a purge of all things from Summer 2016, and nothing should have stayed anywhere on any cloud?!

Please, can someone please tell me how to exit this simulation?????? How? What is going on? Why???

TBH the real takeaway from this is the entire world should become acquainted with Ryan Creamer's videos on Pornhub.

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