Wednesday, February 6, 2019


I did one for Cali so the least I could do was do a one-minute montage for New York, right? I didn't really take as many videos 'cos I didn't think I would have a deadline, but eh, I think I have at least as much fondness for New York as I do for the West Coast. As they say, Cali has the weather, but New York has personality. :P

If you compare the two videos, you'll see that the only thing they have in common is Hamilton. I doodled some Hamilton things when we ate at Wurstk├╝che in LA, where they have wax paper and crayons to entertain you while you wait. One of the songs I used in the West Coast video is also from Hamilton.

Two and a half years later, I finally got to see Hamilton live in New York. Life is chess, not checkers. The day you plant your seeds, is not the day they grow. I'm writing a book, and by virtue of the book, I will meet Lin-Manuel Miranda. Watch me water my seeds. (I dunno why that sounds like innuendo, I don't mean it to be, jeez.)


Sometime in 2016, I was introduced to @hamiltonmusical by one of my best friends at the time. Since then, I have gotten pregnant, miscarried and fallen into a deep depression. I also somehow managed to keep writing myself into even worse trouble, just because I inherently want to write the truth, despite my mother and grandmother always telling me that I shouldn't share "bad things" about myself. I have constantly found something to identify with in Hamilton, especially because the casts across all productions are always so diverse, and representative of the Great America of immigrants that the US has always been. Lin-Manuel Miranda makes me believe that I will attain the future I want for myself. I have a tattoo of the line "the fact that you're alive is a miracle" and it reminds me that it took immense strength and courage for me to persist on to this day, and the fact that every person's journey to existence, instead of the converse, is a miracle of odds. Today I finally saw it, in the actual greatest city in the world. I laughed, and I cried at It's Quiet Uptown. If you have ever known loss, you would too. I didn't sing, because I would have ruined it, but I mouthed along almost throughout. It is my favorite work of art, and I'm glad I'm alive for it. #hamilton #hamham #broadway #newyorkcity
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