Saturday, May 30, 2020


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If you are the type who thinks "all lives matter" when someone uses #blacklivesmatter, please do me a favor and don't ever interact with me again.

Today I heard Queen by Perfume Genius used in a Netflix Spanish series, and I recalled hearing it in Mr Robot for the first time. I don't remember whether I watched Mr Robot with Joey in LA, something tells me I did, I'm pretty sure I did but for some reason it's slipped away. The person in the Netflix Spanish series also made me think of him, though that might have just been the close-fitting tee thing.

Actually this person makes me think of Elon Musk now. Something about him looks like Elon Musk, right??? Maybe I need sleep.

Just remember, black lives matter and all cops are bastards and when all else fails, violence may be the only way for positive change, etc etc.

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