Tuesday, December 22, 2020


Two years ago, I met Tina for the first time in New York. I was nervous that day, just as nervous as I would have been if it were a first date with a romantic partner, perhaps even more so. People talk about how hard it is to find love, but sometimes it’s just as hard to find true friendship. The kind that doesn’t depend on circumstance, the kind that actually exists in spite of it. Tina and I live in opposite hemispheres of the world (though not for much longer) and yet we are kindred spirits. We’ve had to navigate Asian parents and parenting, and she’s been so much of a big sister to me, although sometimes she’s also my soulmate and my wife. We’ve had our fair share of adventures with men and with life. It makes me feel validated to know there is someone else just as trusting and vulnerable with her heart, who writes about parallel universes and timelines, who doesn’t judge me for outgrowing spaces I no longer fit into. On one of our outings (it was at a Women’s March, after we’d seen Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez make a speech in the flesh!) we eavesdropped and overheard a first date going south and burst into inward giggles. I am simultaneously thirteen in middle school, and eighty years old in a nursing home, when I am with Tina. Old souls at heart, childish imps somewhere lower in the body. Thank you for being spacegirltina, for bringing me to The Ramble and teaching me about birds, for letting me talk to your cat Hadley, for giving me the space to grow and for telling it like it is. Thank you for your trust and for being someone I can trust. Thank you for reflecting and growing and calling me/yourself out on our bullshit. Thank you for being in my corner and having my back and supporting me when I need it. I love you and I promise we will grow old together and we’ll talk it out, no matter what.

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