Wednesday, February 10, 2021


I went to Lazarus Island with Nina, Kylee and Tif today. It's a tiny island beach off the coast of Singapore, thirty minutes away by ferry. It was lovely because there were very few people there as it was a weekday, and we didn't have to wear our masks for four hours. (You can't walk around mainland Singapore without wearing a mask or you'll get fined - for good reason.) We enjoyed the breeze, the ambient sound of waves lapping against the shore as a backdrop for our conversation, and life felt good. The water there is clear teal, and there were plants growing out of the sand, and somehow that made me feel like the planet can and will always take care of itself, even though humans don't seem capable of taking care of it and in turn, themselves. 

Nina works at Apple and she was telling us about her colleagues who were flown to Hawaii for a training (pre-Covid). While they were there, on one of their days, someone from Apple told her colleagues to take their time and catch the waves while it was a good day out. They prioritized the surf over work that one day, and it sounded so nice, to live connected to nature, and be able to arrange your life around it. There were two girls who brought their lovely huge furry dog with the most pleasant disposition, he just seemed like the kind of dog who doesn't know how big he is while he towers over you lunging for a hug. We talked about the dog that's gone viral for being able to communicate with sound buttons, and Tif said she's afraid if she uses it for her dog, it would start nagging her to work hard to feed him. We laughed over the imagery of a dog using buttons to sound out "fuck bitches get money." We had homemade onigiri and edamame, courtesy of Nina's Japanese culture. 

We played Wordsy. It was the first time all three of them were playing it, and it was the first time I was playing it in two years. We all enjoyed it, and I can't wait to play it with all my friends who like board games. The last time I had Ben teaching me, and this time I taught them, and it felt nice. Also, we were by the beach, and IIRC, he used to be a lifeguard in his younger days. I think. I've decided, I think I'll reach out to him when I'm in Canada. I did like him a lot, and we bounced off each other pretty well. I held his hand, he asked if he could kiss me, I said yes, I asked if he would be my boyfriend, he said yes. So, if he were still single while we were on the same continent, I could see if we hit it off again. Stranger things have happened, I don't know. Life's short, fuck bitches get money.

Today felt so good. Please always remind me that when life overwhelms me, I need to get reconnected with nature. Take me to the beach, or when I'm in Canada, send me a voice message to get lost in the woods. I love being connected to the earth, and sometimes I get so caught up with the nitty-gritties of life, I forget to really stop and take some time off. I am so grateful for Tif, Kylee and Nina for such a wholesome girls' day out.