Monday, January 24, 2022


Last Friday morning, I had a liberal studies class. Whilst the topics of discussion for last semester were Love and Friendship, this semester we've moved to Knowledge, Good, and Evil. In Friday's particular class, we discussed Susan Sontag's text An Argument About Beauty, but we didn't finish the discussion before we were due to move on to this week's text. After class ended, I asked Kaia for her thoughts and elaboration on Susan Sontag, thinking it would take perhaps ten minutes at most. 

After we had stayed in the classroom for half an hour after class had formally ended, Kaia had a jolt and said she was so dumb, which utterly perplexed me. She then said she was half an hour late for a meeting she was supposed to be at, so I told her to run for the meeting, whilst I packed her equipment (camera and microphone to engage with the online participants of our class) to return them to her office. I told her to tell her meeting attendants that she'd been caught helping me with a medical emergency.

All this to say, if you're in VIU and you haven't had a class with Kaia, you should try to be in her class for any one of your semesters, because she truly cares about her students and the stuff she teaches about, that she will forget about bureaucracy. 

That evening, I took a ferry to Vancouver to meet my partner, Jeremy. He lives on mainland Vancouver and it takes four hours for me to travel to see him (or vice versa) because neither of us drives. I tell him this means we are doing long-distance, but he doesn't quite agree. There is a sea between us, that I can only traverse according to ferry schedules, and still he doesn't think it's long-distance. How dare he minimise my pain!!!!!
On Saturday, we went to Lonsdale Quay with Tiffany, Jeremy's roommate.

(I also did a peace sign but it's hidden behind the plant.)

We looked like we were in a band.

Jeremy and I went to The Polygon Gallery to look at some art. Steven Shearer's works were on exhibit and I liked it because it's very colorful and I like colors. That is all.

When we got home, Tiffany did my tattoo for me. Tiffany is an artist in like eleven forms of media (I might exaggerate but it could also be true). She paints and the house is full of her paintings, and I love them, she paints so well. She also does tattoos, and makeup, and sometimes she plays music with Jeremy. I guess when you're artistic, you tend to be artistic in more than one aspect, which is so cool. I wish I were as talented. 

Anyway, here is my second tatt! It's a moon-shaped wave... It's more circular in real life when my arm is not bent. I'd been wanting a wave, because my sunflower tatt is supposed to correspond with the sun, whereas in contrast, a wave correlates to the moon. 

Jeremy and I made a budget for the year ahead. We also finally built a small Hello Kitty figure. He'd been wanting me to build it for ages, to get me introduced to the world of building. He has all sorts of robots and Pokemon figures, because he's a weeb (hahahah he hates when I call him this) but now I have my own Hello Kitty displayed in my room! It's cute, but no, I don't think I'll build anything else. 

It's funny, the man has ADHD so he's all over the place in life, but when it comes to building, he's so meticulous and careful. I snapped the pieces from the runners not very gently, so there were little snubs to be sanded, which I didn't care about, it didn't matter to me. He would sand them till they were smooth, and if he were building my Hello Kitty, he'd have painted it so that the grooves where you attach the separate parts wouldn't be seen or whatever, but I was like, IT'S DONE LEAVE MY HELLO KITTY ALONE.

School is getting into the groove of things, meaning I'm gonna have a ton of assignments due in the blink of an eye, he's going back to work this week, and I've also started my part-time job at the school gym, so we're probably not gonna be spending a lot of time in the near future, but that was a good weekend. I enjoyed my weekend.

In this morning's class, we talked about beauty, and evil according to Franz Kafka's text, In The Penal Colony. Hannah and I then went to have a snack at the cafeteria, where she bought a matcha cheesecake for us to share. 

I got home and found a surprise package! I think Jixuan had ordered me a planner, from a brand called The Happy Planner. It's super pretty and very useful for me, because I love planning (perhaps more so than I actually love doing anything - so this could be kinda unhealthy). Life is in a good groove now, and I wish you an inherently, innately, intrinsically beautiful time ahead. See you when I see you! :)

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