Tuesday, April 26, 2022


A lot more has happened since the last post, as it always goes. Devan, Marcus and I played Catan together, after which Marcus drove me home, and it was nice and smooth and fine. Today, we went for a picnic: Devan, Marcus, River and I. We then went to The Vault, which is perhaps my favorite place in Nanaimo, and I'm there so frequently I should probably just work for them, but I have enough on my plate, so nobody greenlight this idea, please. 

We played Cards Against Humanity, during which I tried not to look at Marcus' new haircut, which suits him very, very nicely. Then we went to Pipers Lagoon for the first time, and had a bit of a hike. It's a lovely park, and if you're in Nanaimo, you should go there on dates. The boys were telling me about crabs and anemones and looking at my feet while I made the treks up and down, to ensure that I wouldn't step on anything slippery and slip to my death. 

They feel like my Ron and Harry, which I think is befitting because I've always fancied myself to be Hermione. I'm clearly a know-it-all. When we all parted, I don't know if it's because Devan knows about my feelings for Marcus, but he said, because we were probably not gonna see each other for a while, we should give each other a hug, so I gave Marcus a hug. Marcus is probably transferring to another university in Vancouver after the summer, so that could have been the last time I ever see him. It probably is. I'm glad we had a good run of a semester.

Marcus folded this, then gave it to Devan, who then gave it to me, because: feelings. School is such a whirlwind, you meet and you click and you have feelings and then the year ends and people go away, and the feelings, the feelings will probably go away.

I'm happy. I've gotten out of the funk (possibly 'cos school ended so I'm not juggling two jobs and classes and assignment deadlines and exams), and I'm okay. The more people I meet, the more people are convinced that somehow I'm gonna start the revolution in Canada to dismantle capitalism??? So, okay, I suppose I will step into those shoes, gradually. I do like to fill some pretty big shoes. I'm reading a historical book about the French Revolution, so I'll be getting some pointers, because there will be a revolution in this century. Enter me, I say, not in parentheses.

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