Thursday, June 2, 2022


I've spent about two weeks here. It's been some of the most glorious days of my life. We went on a hike through the woods down to a beach that so few people have been able to see in their lives. The lodge had a staff fishing derby, and I was on a boat with Geo, one of the chefs at the lodge's restaurant. He won the fishing derby, which made him and our guide, Austin, really happy. I had no interest in fishing, yet again, but the weather was beautiful so I blasted my music and sang and danced while the boat sailed. I really like this lodge, some of the other fishing lodges around us are still stuck in the old traditions, so there's pressure for their guests to catch the biggest fishes and kill them and bring them home. At the one I'm working at, West Coast Fishing Lodge, a lot of the guides are more inclined to letting the fish go. If our guests opt to let their fish go, depending on the size of the fish, the lodge also gifts them an Arc'teryx or The North Face jacket, or a prize to that effect. It truly is more about the experience, than of anything else here. I like it a lot. 

I feel safe in more than one way here. Sometimes the news is on in the staff recreational hall, and we see food shortages and mass shootings and increased rent prices everywhere, but during these three months, our rent and food is all covered for by the company, so we're all able to connect on a level that you usually wouldn't be able to, on the outside, while you're bogged down by the realities of life. It makes me think, this is how communes could and would and do function, if the people you work for cared enough for its employee community to pay for all the overheads, you don't have to do things for competition, and it would be a direct alternative to capitalism. If the people at the top share, there is enough wealth and resources for everyone in the world, many times over.

Two nights ago, while the derby was to give the fishing guides and dock hands a trial run in preparation for the guests' arrival, we also held a mock dinner service at the fancy restaurant that overlooks the most gorgeous sight of the horizon. This was to prepare the kitchen and serving staff for the guests as well. All the staff of the lodge dressed up, and it was a beautiful dinner. I'm in the serving team, so after we had cleaned up, we had a family dinner with the kitchen staff, and it was delicious and warm and cosy. At midnight, everyone changed and partied at the rec hall. Geo spilled half a can of beer on me, and the rest, as they say, is history. 

The season starts now and the guests start arriving on the helicopter today. Here's to a fantastic season ahead of us, and may we all dismantle capitalism, one way or another.

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