Tuesday, August 23, 2022


Misi’s name is short for Mihaly (pronounced Me-high). He is Eastern European by descent so that’s their version of Michael. Misi is pronounced Me-she so once upon a time, I didn’t know how to spell his name and spelt it Michy, and even till today, everyone asks me how to spell either Misi or Mihaly. This summer, he’s taken care of me when I was on an edible. We’ve seen bioluminescent dinoflagellates at the dock twice, those are the blue glowy algae things in the water. We lie in the hammock under a tree, the first time the sky was overcast and the second time we saw a night full of stars. I’ve seen a shooting star with him twice, on two different nights, and made the same wish. There are two things he likes to do when he talks, he likes to use double negatives and he also speaks like Yoda sometimes, meaning he switches the sentence structure to be like “a goofy goober, you are.” One time, I didn’t know he was on MDMA, but he picked me out of the circle of staff in the rec hall, to dance with all night. I’m generally an uninhibited person but I don’t know how to dance and don’t generally dance in front of other people, yet when he picked me right up I felt at ease dancing while he led. Misi was with me when I heard my first bull kelp horn, Misi showed me what sea glass is, Misi gave me a rock from the beach that was heart-shaped, Misi taught me to go on barefooted hikes, Misi showed me my first rock shrines in life. He carried me on his back when my feet hurt from walking on tiny gravel at the beach. This summer has far surpassed every other summer I’ve had, and half of it I’ve spent with Misi.

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