Thursday, October 6, 2022


I’ve been staying up crying and producing snot. I broke up with Jeremy because things are too tough for us. It takes about four hours from start to end to get between my place and his, and so on a weekend that one of us is travelling, we’re setting aside eight hours that week, not to mention the money for the ferry. We are both university students so neither of us can really afford that time nor money right now. The day I broke up with him, he’d taken me to meet one of his schoolmates from his jazz program, Rachel. We met her husband and goddaughter too. Rachel is Malaysian so she cooked nasi lemak for us and we had a lovely meal and time together. Jeremy is a great boyfriend to have, these are the things I love and will miss about him. He was always ready for me to call, no matter whether I had woken up from a bad dream, or was feeling anxious in school, or was bored waiting for the bus. He tried to cook Singaporean dishes for me, even though I eat meat, and he doesn’t for ethical reasons. Jeremy would want to treat me to things like my favorite iced matcha oat lattes, as a surprise treat, even when we’re just out together. He sends me everything he finds amusing online, from Youtube videos to Tiktoks to Instagram reels, and I do the same with him. Jeremy cares about the world, he knows much more than he thinks he does, but he never does anything for token purposes. I will definitely miss his cock. I love his cat Barbara and will miss her too. He’s a folk musician and last weekend I went to see his band perform at a jazz bar in Vancouver, they were really good and I’m excited to see what’s in store for them. Jeremy writes his own songs and I’ve seen the lyrics before but they’re much better when they’re sung and performed live, I guess that’s true of most song lyrics. He writes great songs. I love and will miss his warm hugs, I liked his body because it’s one of those that fit mine and that always gave me comfort. Jeremy is a comfortable person who doesn’t necessarily know how comforting his presence can be. I love him and will miss him.

I’m trying to look for things I can do during my recess week in November. I still have ten grand of flight credit to use up within a year from right about now. I’m going back to Singapore for two weeks in December right in between my fall and spring semesters. The thing is, I’m in debt and I also have two jobs and a full load of classes so I really don’t want or more like I can’t afford to spend much money on accommodation. If you have or know somewhere, anywhere in the world, that I can crash for a few days, I would appreciate it. I can handle my own food and flights, but I don’t wanna spend any money on accommodation.

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