Saturday, November 5, 2022


It’s been two weeks since Taylor Swift dropped Midnights, and I’ve found my favorite tracks. She also announced an Eras tour, that will comprise of her ten albums so far. I made a dream Eras setlist, and it’s my most liked video on Tiktok, given how big the population of Swifties is. When the album dropped, I asked Jeremy to listen to the entire album with me. We’re not together but he’s a musician and still one of my best friends. Last week, I studied with Adam for one of our mid-terms, we spent ten hours over two days studying for it in the library. We then spent time getting our costumes ready for Halloween, and my roommate Alessia somehow got us to a point of realising that Adam and I both had a thing for each other. We went to a Halloween party to meet his friends, we’ve stayed over at each other’s places. Last night he was at my place and we cooked butter chicken together and watched a couple of movies. I’m trying not to talk too much about Adam because I know Jeremy sporadically reads this, so maybe I’ll give it some time, plus Adam and I are still at the delicate stages of seeing each other. It feels nice, though, he lives on school residence so it’s very easy to pop by for a movie and on Wednesday morning, he walked me to school and we held hands. Last week, when he was driving us to the Halloween party, he rapped along to some rap or another, and I find him adorable. Adam drove me to the ferry terminal this morning. We’re going into reading week now, and Adam’s going back to his hometown while I’m on the way to Vancouver to spend a couple of days, and I’ll be staying over at Jeremy’s. It’ll be the first time I’m seeing him since we broke up, so it might bring up some strong emotions. I’m really enjoying listening to Midnights and I look forward to the concert! I’m feeling relaxed. :)

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