Thursday, February 1, 2018


It is very rare that I want to dance, because I can’t dance and I generally don’t do what I cannot do, but occasionally, when I am contented, when I am happy, when I am at peace with the world, I want to twirl around. I honestly cannot dance tho. Maybe someday that will change, but someday is not a day of this week.


Me: how often is okay for me to text A
Me: once a month?
Me: once a year?
Me: never?
Me: what do I even talk to him about
Me: Terrace House
Me: people against MSG having racist undertones
Me: Taylor Swift
Me: his face that I am still solidly attracted to
Me: sex
Me: ho damn
Me: gotta blast


I am so happy and proud of myself. Today I was so hungry, for dinner I ate the food (rice with beef soup) that my grandma had cooked and packed for me, and I was still hungry so I bought and ate chicken rice, and finished it all. Maybe I will finally put on weight this year, and it will mean that I’m happy. Or maybe I will be happy and still be skinny, who knows. Lel.