Sunday, April 1, 2018


Watching an episode of Cosmos and it’s about Michael Faraday. Isn’t it intriguing how Faraday built on the works of Isaac Newton and everything since and between, and then Albert Einstein built on Faraday’s works and a lot of science essentially is a compilation of works by people who sometimes never even met each other, across hundreds of years? I feel like there is an underlying notion to be taken away from this but I’m too tired to follow through.


I was watching Netflix’s Take Your Pills, which is about college students in the USA being hooked on Adderall, which is a pill usually used to help people who have ADHD, focus better. I wish I’d been given Adderall, I used to be so easily distracted. I also didn’t finish watching the documentary because it’s inclined towards like, aesthetics that make me think of Andy Warhol, like it keeps cutting in to static and white noise, and then hyperrealistic scenes of pills and whatever, and I don’t like it when things don’t flow in the most linear of manners. Maybe it’s also because I’ve been sick and this isn’t the best time to watch the show.