Monday, February 25, 2019


I just rewatched Scott Pilgrim and now my head is full of those sound effect words, like "kapow" and that kinda thing. Also, I am sorely tempted to cut my hair and dye it a Manic Panic color, like all pink, then blue, then green. But I'm 29 this year, and I really don't wanna be that girl who still lives like she's a movie character. Like Ramona and Scott, I have seen signs of exes reappearing in my life. For example, remember Jon who had another girl at the airport when I was in a cab with him from his apartment? Yeah he started following me on Instagram. I am not interested at all in dating him again. In fact, I am not interested in any man I've dated in Singapore, so I'm not gonna be dating for half a year, which will be the longest it's been since 2014? It feels good though, my mental health/mood-tracking app has been stable and on the positive side and it's nice to know that my non-dating streak will be working in tandem with that. My deadline for writing is Feb 28, which gives me three days. 28 is my favorite number but deadlines? Not my favorite thing in the world.


You know being in Singapore, a past British colony, I was raised to spell the British way, meaning I would use realise and favourite and colour, and then I grew up and I mixed with more Americans and I've spent a cumulative five months in the US, over three different trips, and I started spelling things like realize and favorite and color. I am currently writing something rather lengthy, and I keep mixing up the way I spell things, and the thing this makes me think is I really tend to be caught in between: the past and the future, the radically conservative and the radically liberal, the emotional and the rational. Also, there is a deadline that I have to meet so I'd better write, and not get distracted on a tangent. Have a lovely week ahead! So much love x