Monday, January 7, 2019


It's been a week since this happened, but I think it's only fair that I include it here to paint a better picture of my interactions and dynamics with people I might have had altercations with. My mother sent me this text on New Year's Eve. Perhaps this has contributed to my general feeling of ease and well-being.
Hi sweetie. Its going to be 2019 over here in abt an hour. Wishing you a very happy and wonderful coming years ahead. Now I take the opportunity to say Im sorry for hurting you in the past. Never ever meant to make your life difficult or miserable. As a mother I would do the best i could for you. Just sometimes our ways might be wrong. I hope you will forgive me and will still be the good daughter you are. I love you so so much and I miss you a lot darling. I really want to hug you... And i miss your laughter
I enjoyed my first session with my therapist here, and she just checked in with me again this morning. I'm looking forward to the next session, although I'm not sure what I will talk about. I feel like I have nothing more to say at therapy! Life feels actually okay. I'm doing a year in pixels thing, where you basically record the general mood of your day, and the past four days have been a happy color for me! Everything is going well! Is this the real life???

This is an example of how the year in pixels is recorded.