Saturday, March 16, 2019


In the second episode of Drive to Survive, they cover the Baku circuit. The two Red Bull drivers collide, and then another of the top teams has a tire puncture from debris, and suddenly Carlos Sainz driving for Renault has a chance at the podium. People love rooting for the underdog. Also many of the drivers are very cute and attractive, is that like a prerequisite for being an F1 driver? Carlos Sainz Jr is super cute. Something about him gives me Ashton Kutcher vibes. I'm still sick and having my breakfast before I head off to work. The second half of March looks to be a long one, but I think I'll feel better once my body bounces back from this sickness. I feel like I suffer from the man-cold. You know how it's just a common cold but I feel like I'm going to die? It's just the heatiness of my head and brain and eyes.


@textsfromyourex on Instagram is really one of my absolute favorite profiles there are. Why are all exes like that? Why is it such an epidemic? What has happened to romance, jesus fucking christ!!!! Please! Talk to me when you are ready to find someone to marry, or NOT AT ALL. It's insane, I want to write a book on why men are insane fuckboy exes. (And some women, but mostly men.)