Sunday, March 17, 2019


I'm so physically tired from being ill. My colleague told me to go get a flu shot 'cos the last one I had was decades ago in school. I'm not exactly scared of needles but it's not a thing I'm thrilled about. It's a thing I would do if someone said they would reward me with, say, a nice dinner, for getting it done. I don't know whether to say that I'm truly a kid at heart or if everybody is just kids and there is no such thing as adults. Taylor Swift's Love Story is in my head, and you know what that means. Or maybe you don't. Maybe only I know what it means. Does anyone actually ever know what I mean? It means we love who we love who we love, and there is no changing that, as little sense as it makes, because love is not a sensible thing.


It's been a strange day and I've been in the foulest of moods at work. I wish I were in California, away from this mess. People are so trying and if I'm living this one life, why can't I just live WHERE I WANT TO. We should all be able to. I feel like I need to take some weed edibles to calm my nerves but obviously I can't do it in this country because it's illegal and my mother is a cop. One day I'm going to spontaneously combust, I'm sure of it.