Sunday, February 24, 2019


You know being in Singapore, a past British colony, I was raised to spell the British way, meaning I would use realise and favourite and colour, and then I grew up and I mixed with more Americans and I've spent a cumulative five months in the US, over three different trips, and I started spelling things like realize and favorite and color. I am currently writing something rather lengthy, and I keep mixing up the way I spell things, and the thing this makes me think is I really tend to be caught in between: the past and the future, the radically conservative and the radically liberal, the emotional and the rational. Also, there is a deadline that I have to meet so I'd better write, and not get distracted on a tangent. Have a lovely week ahead! So much love x


I started watching Shark Tank. I think it recently got added to Netflix Singapore, and people here had never heard of it. There are also no other shows like it that exists locally, at least not to my knowledge. So someone with an idea for a business or a prototype for an invention pitches it to a panel of "sharks", who then decide whether they want to invest in the idea or business. Sometimes no one invests, sometimes they try to outbid each other to win over the business proposition. I have always had a phobia of the actual animal shark, and that's why I always wanted to be lowered in a "shark cage" in one of my trips, one day, just to say I faced my fear, but today, I realized, perhaps facing a round of shark investors may not hurt either. (Definitely doing the shark cage once in my life, even though I do think there is a risk I might really pass out in the water.)