Tuesday, September 29, 2020


I really like Owen Gray. Obviously I don't mean his personality because I don't know who the man is but I think I have seen most of his performances. I'm very intrigued by the idea of Owen Gray as a person, I'm not sure why. I would like to know his entire life story, and how such a captivating persona came about. What is it about him that has contributed to the reddit shortlists of his videos? Is it his tattoos? Lots of performers have tattoos. His hair? In my opinion, unremarkable. His voice? Not distinct enough to be memorable either. Do men also dissect and reverse-engineer the reasons for why certain porn personas are their favorite? I do not know. I watched The Social Dilemma on Netflix last weekend, it is a very good documentary about social media and how technology can (and has) easily spiral to be used for malice, and a lot of them have a sort of curfew for themselves to set aside their devices before bedtime, but now what I'm thinking is, how would you watch porn????

I should really be applying for my visa soon, I will do so in the morning. I might be paralysed by anxiety and preoccupying myself with everything but my visa, honestly, Sarah Mei Lyana if you don't get your shit together you're going to be homeless when you arrive in Canada and you definitely don't want that. I was watching a popular K-drama series on Netflix and in the last episode, they travel around South Korea in an RV. I think that would be an amazing thing to do. When I graduate, I'll do a road trip around Canada in an RV. It would be a good way to reward myself. Look at me, planning my graduation trip when I have singlehandedly refused to apply for my student visa. Okay!!!!!! I will have a good night's rest and do it when I wake up. I promise.