Sunday, April 22, 2018


Last night, I met Viv and Andrea for Yoogane, a Korean eatery where they cook your selected dishes in front of you. It's something like teppanyaki but it's done at your own individual tables? IDK.

When we were done with our meal, Viv tried to get one of the waiters' attention to box up the leftovers for us, but got ignored. The second time she did it, she was sure she'd do it right, so she was all confident with her "hi" but midway through her hi she realised the second waiter had also ignored her and her hi went progressively softer and her raised hand lowered itself in tandem, and it was the funniest thing, so I had to start filming, just in case we were ignored forever.

It was a fun night. It's been good. I used to be much more informative and I would totally be, but I'm old and tired, and perhaps one day I will have more words, but for now I'm just full. My heart is full. My friends are love.