Monday, May 28, 2018


This morning, I talked to Ben about Bill Clinton, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and his impossibly adorable dog Beast (if you haven't seen, please, please Google it, she's practically a mop). I told him when I was in LA, several of the friends I'd made talked about reenactors whom they knew, in a slightly bashful way, so Ben told me these people reenact scenes from the Civil War. We also talked about the Confederate flag. I'm basically trying to absorb all knowledge of the US, before I become a citizen, so that when I live there, I'm not one of the clueless, misinformed, ignorant ones. I went to the market with my mum and grandma, baked some salmon with lemon butter and baby taters and carrots, and had that satisfying combo of a delicious healthy meal. I'd planned to swim but it rained pretty much throughout the day, so I didn't, but I put on a hair mask and also a face mask. I watched Jake and Amy's wedding episode, and crylaughed over the third act, and talked to Ben about it. Apparently we'd been watching the episode at the same time, and we didn't even know nor planned nor talked to each other while it was happening. Geez. I'm now listening to Rosanna by Weezer because Adam told me about it. Overall, not a bad twenty-eighth day of the month.