Wednesday, December 30, 2020


I count my blessings for getting me through a challenging, unfamiliar year. I was put on a lockdown, like the rest of the world. This affected my income and savings for my future studies. I broke up with a good man who was so kind to me. I do want to give thanks to my second family at lululemon Takashimaya for sticking through my mercurial highs and lows. In my first interview, we answered tough questions about our personal lives and I remember every interview candidate crying from displaying our vulnerability, just as I did. Sometimes, when you’re in a fortunate enough position, you can curate scenarios where like attracts like. I’ve gained and grown so much with this team, and I have had so much fun so many times, even through a year that was quite honestly nasty af. I’ve seen my bosses and friends dance like they in a club somewhere (honestly I ran out of energy laughing at one of them). One of the sweetest, most kind-hearted people organized a surprise crowdfund for me, and they put together pretty much one month’s rent’s worth of money. This means I didn’t have to talk about the principles of redistributing your wealth as a way to go against capitalism, but they were already engaging in it. I flirt with my boss quite a bit, she calls me “sour plum” from my Lush body spray, and I also actually really like her scent. I find pretty much everyone in the team superficially physically attractive, but beneath the surface, I love them so much more. I have loved the one who doesn’t know how to accept compliments, the person who calls others “lil shit” when she gets comfortable with them, the guailan human pretzel. I love my Three Sarahs Club, the angsty bread-loving bb who cuddles up to all of us, the mama who dotes on and looks after the entire team. I also actually think I liked someone the moment I heard them trying to figure out the time signature to the remix of a song. It was like a — eh??? Oh no I was just looking at muscles and then I went and caught feels???? This year has been dark, but I am grateful that you’ve all shown me some of your light, and made me feel a little lighter, so much of the time. I like you and love you. (No squad pic bc Covid.)