Sunday, March 25, 2018


Since last night, I've been singing Suci Dalam Debu to myself and thinking about the lyrics. Malay is a rather romantic language and when you think about the lyrics in English, it sounds so cringey and strange, even funny, but in Malay they sound very natural and romantic.

I love the song and I tried to translate it into English as best as I could. The music video is super cringey though, it's from decades ago but most Malays will see it when they go for karaoke sessions, it's a staple 'cos it's such a good song.

Like, hear me sing about my real and unabashed love!!!!!

Also, this reminds me of someone who used to be my best friend, who was very interested in linguistics and is a teacher, and she used to share things like how language shapes people. People who grew up speaking the Malay language are possibly more inclined to be more romantic, because look at our language and words??? We don't even have the word fuck in Malay.

engkau bagai air yang jernih
di dalam bekas yang berdebu
zahirnya kotoran itu terlihat
kesucian terlindung jua

cinta bukan hanya di mata
cinta hadir di dalam jiwa
biarlah salah di mata mereka
biar perbezaan terlihat antara kita

ku harapkan kau kan terima
walau dipandang hina
namun hakikat cinta kita
kita yang rasa

suatu hari nanti
pasti kan bercahaya
pintu akan terbuka
kita langkah bersama

di situ kita lihat
bersinarlah hakikat
debu jadi permata
hina jadi mulia

bukan khayalan yang aku berikan
tapi keyakinan yang nyata
kerana cinta lautan berapi
pasti akan ku renang jua
you are like pure water
in a dusty container
even though the dirt can be seen
your purity still remains

love is not only in sight
love is in the soul
let this be wrong in their eyes
let the differences between us be seen

I hope you will accept
even if this love is sneered at
the truth of our love is
felt between us

one day
there will be light
the doors will open
we'll walk through together

there we will see
the truth will shine through
dust becomes diamonds
shame becomes blessing

it's not a fantasy that I am providing
but the truth
love may cause oceans to burn up
I would still swim, regardless
I have no clue why I am already awake at 9am, it is my off day but my body sort of works by clockwork/likes routine. Yesterday was a full day of bridesmaid duties, but now I am done! I'm gonna go for a full body massage today, thank freaking god of massages.

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