Saturday, April 14, 2018


Today I went to get a free scalp treatment done at the hair centre that calls me up to get my free birthday treatment every year. Today, as it happens every time, they tried to get me to sign up for a package, citing that my scalp is oily and clogged and I am therefore prone to hair loss if I don’t do regular scalp treatments. That is what they have always told me, but my hair is still quite healthy, and I still don’t experience hair loss. Even if I did, so what? I think that a lot of cosmetics and wellness businesses do this, they try to make you feel bad about yourself, or inadequate, or fear for your future looks, and you don’t have to allow it. I only go for beauty appointments when they are free, and it doesn’t matter how many blackheads I have on my face or clogged pores or flab on my stomach, I work hard for my money, and nobody else should have a right to dictate what I do with it, nor pressure me into spending money on perceived imperfections. I am perfectly fine with my imperfections and if the world tries to make you feel otherwise about yourself, that is a sign of imperfection in the world, not in you. In any case, my hair does feel soft after having gotten blown dry. I will appreciate that for the year ahead HAHAHAHA.

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