Friday, April 6, 2018


I am so tired but I told myself I would try to post once every day just to track my progression so here is my attempt. I went to a party tonight and the location was gorgeous. There were a couple of people who had co-founded a tech startup and were telling me about it. Apparently the layperson reason for why Bitcoin and cryptocurrency are so volatile is that you can’t do much besides buy and sell. So they’re endeavouring to change that by starting to bet on it and start hedge funds etc, and the more things you can do with it, the less volatile it will get. The female co-founder also said for her mid-life crisis she’d like to go to law school and get a law degree and I was like, whoa, I’m dealing outside of my league here. There were three Americans, talking up their places of residence/origin, like Salt Lake City vs Colorado. Today I learned that in the old-world-riches of the planet, skiing is apparently a little more prestigious and some private ski resorts look down on and will not allow snowboarders. I never knew. Such privilege. I saw many cute men, but while they made eye contact with me several times, it was the other men who kept me with my time and hitting on me. I never got to talk with the cute ones, but oh well. You win some, you lose some. It was overall, a very interesting night, and I enjoy mingling at parties, because you know, I’m superficial as all hell and also very talkative. People I’ve never even known tell me they see me fitting right in with people I’ve never met. This is why Singapore is not the place for me — also, the American lady told me she understands why I feel trapped, by having been born and raised here and never having lived anywhere else. She said she lived in Hawaii for a while and although people say things like “I don’t see why anyone would ever wanna leave” she said she had island fever, so that’s what I’ve got. Island fever. Being trapped in a tiny area of land, where there is nothing to do, and no one different to talk to. This was a pretty good attempt, for a last-ditch attempt, if I do say so myself.

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