Monday, February 25, 2019


I don't know why I need to pen this down now but here I am. One time, when I was changing to an L train, we (as in all the commuters from the train I was on who were also transferring to the L) were rushing down a stairway, 'cos we'd seen the sign on the platform upstairs that said the L was there and leaving. There was a couple who were in front of me, taking a leisurely stroll and chatting with each other happily, and I was behind them, and there was a man behind me frustrated that the couple were technically blocking the way and taking their time. He snapped "can y'all move along, the train is here and it's leaving!" but given that it was an interchange, it was noisy and I don't think they even heard him. I felt the same sentiments as the man, but as a Singaporean sheep, I don't express when I am upset, I keep it in and whine when I am home. When we had all got into the L and were seated, for whatever reason in the world, it was just waiting there and didn't move off anyway. I sat in my seat and I thought, how strange it was that we were all taking the same train, and the couple were in a good disposition despite not rushing for it, the man was irritated and had hurried in vain since the train was not moving off, and I was silent throughout, observing the futility of getting yourself all flustered. This all took place within three minutes at the maximum, but it's been on my mind for weeks.

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