Saturday, March 16, 2019


In the second episode of Drive to Survive, they cover the Baku circuit. The two Red Bull drivers collide, and then another of the top teams has a tire puncture from debris, and suddenly Carlos Sainz driving for Renault has a chance at the podium. People love rooting for the underdog. Also many of the drivers are very cute and attractive, is that like a prerequisite for being an F1 driver? Carlos Sainz Jr is super cute. Something about him gives me Ashton Kutcher vibes. I'm still sick and having my breakfast before I head off to work. The second half of March looks to be a long one, but I think I'll feel better once my body bounces back from this sickness. I feel like I suffer from the man-cold. You know how it's just a common cold but I feel like I'm going to die? It's just the heatiness of my head and brain and eyes.

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