Thursday, March 7, 2019


So ever since I moved back, I've been in the same room as my third sister Aqilah (who's also the one who modified my bike). She moved into my room when I moved out but now we're sharing and the youngest sister is the only person who has her own room in this apartment (that's what happens when you have seven people living in a household). Anyway! So Aqilah and I were talking about Titanic while we were each on our respective phones, and she asked me, "Shakespeare wrote it, right?" Titanic! Written by Shakespeare! I almost died laughing out loud. She just said "I'm embarrassed, I'm going to sleep" hahahahahaha. Also today I thought when I'm more financially stable in life (and also maybe if I'm living in the US and have more freedom) I'm gonna get birth control. It had better help with the period pains. I'm not having the pains now, not yet for the month, but I just thought preemptively, birth control might improve my quality of life by 10473829%. I'm only exaggerating by a factor of, slightly.

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