Friday, March 1, 2019


Before I left for work today, my sisters were watching High School Musical at the part where Gabriella stands up during one of the basketball games and sings, TROOOOOYYYYY, because HSM is crazy weird like that. My brain would not stop thinking about the word Troy and I could not get why Troy had captivated my interest. Walking to the train station, I recalled that the apartment Bennett stays in is on Troy Ave. This bit of information did not come easily to me. In my last week in New York, I wanted to leave him a package without letting him know but I didn't have his address 'cos the previous times he'd booked a Lyft for me or we had made the trips to and fro, together. So I couldn't Postmates the parcel to him, I didn't have his address nor could I even recall the street names. Because I never know when to give up, I tried to remember the names of the businesses I'd seen when we were walking to his place from the Subway. I also didn't have enough time to make the trip there by train before I left, so I had to Lyft there. I pinned my destination by approximation on the Lyft map, and arrived slightly after 1am, and then I saw the exact address. Technology is a very useful resource. Also, I do the weirdest shit in the name of love.

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