Saturday, March 23, 2019


Sometimes I really miss New York/the US, and at those times, I really like talking to my friends who live there. It feels even better when it's one of my best friends and kindred spirits. It is a long weekend, not in that there's a bank holiday, but as in I have lots of work and errands to run this weekend. Who do I pray to, to get me into school, if I don't believe in anything?
Tina: I really think one of the benchmarks of our late twenties
Tina: Or turning 30 is to realize that even if we were trying our best, and even if we don’t have regrets, boy oh boy can we hurt other people
Tina: I think being in your 20s is learning about self empowerment and how to advocate after yourself but then after that comes
Tina: Learning humility and grace
Tina: Anyways I was reading your last blog about talking to that guy and I’m proud of you for having tough talks

Sarah: Thank you Tina
Sarah: It has been a long tough week but at times like this i just try to remember all the moods and energies i felt when i was in new york and i know i deserve to feel those and i'm capable of achieving those again, and just to breathe and take the ups and downs as they come

Tina: Any word of schools?

Sarah: Not yet.. Queens is supposed to start getting back this past week, but no idea when the end dates are for any of them

Tina: Eeeeeee I hope you find out soon
Tina: I keep thinking about you being here
Tina: I was walking around the lower east side last weekend and noticed some of the graffiti
Tina: And didn’t realize that I was in the neighborhood we were walking around in
Tina: Feels so different when you’re not desperately cold 😂

Sarah: Oooh the one with pietro nolita?

Tina: yeah
Tina: Sean and I wandered down the same kind of path while doing some shopping

Sarah: Ahhh i'm happy you're getting spring!!

Tina: And I was just like OH that big tomato and shark painting

Sarah: Oh i remember that hehehe

Tina: how’s the baby thing???
Tina: I like the idea of babies but I’m so bad with real ones lol

Sarah: My stint with that baby is done! I'm glad, it was tiring af
Sarah: Idk how mothers do it
Sarah: Like 24/7???

Tina: for real
Tina: My mom was talking about how
Tina: when SHE was MY age
Tina: she had THREE children
Tina: And I’m like oh god
Tina: I can’t imagine me with one baby rn lol

Sarah: Oh my god yeah what even, i'm not even sure if it's gonna be an inverse relationship from now on bc when women are younger they would have more energy i suppose???
Sarah: I don't have the energy!!!
Sarah: I'm like, i wanna find me a grandpa and retire

Tina: lol there plenty of sugar daddies in nyc 😂😂😂
Tina: I’ve had friends use that website
Tina: Seeking Arrangement
Tina: more so in college, when they were broke

Sarah: I have too! Hehehe. Never had an arrangement that worked though. The ones in Singapore are creeeeeps

Tina: well creeps are a worldwide epidemic to be fair lol

Sarah: True

Tina: Do you talk to Bennett at all?

Sarah: Nope, i don't, don't know if he has a girlfriend now, but if he does, it would be fair cos i have still got no idea about school 😞

Tina: Awh don’t be down lady
Tina: Schools are notorious for leaving people hanging and waiting lmfao
Tina: They’ll come back with the answers soon

Sarah: Well then fingers crossed the answers are pleasant

Tina: And Bennett or no Bennett, things will work out
Tina: You’ve got yourself

Sarah: I do

Tina: And that’s more than a lot of people have even
Tina: (Wow I switched phone providers and I’m currently texting you from an underwater tunnel between Brooklyn and Manhattan wow)

Sarah: Wow!!! What didya switch to, AT&T? I remember advertisements of their taglines: just okay is not okay, whenever i watched Superstore hehehe

Tina: For a long time, I only had sprint as long as I’ve had my own phone plan. Now I’m on Verizon and the coverage is really good even if it’s a little more expensive
Tina: My first phone was on Verizon in high school and
Tina: I was so excited because I was dating a boy who went to a different school and it was hard like... I only saw him on weekends sometimes and we mostly talked on AIM
Tina: But then he was TEXTING me!!! And I didn’t realize phones could do that

Sarah: Hahahahahahahaha OMG CUTEST!!!!!!!!

Tina: And then the phone bill came and apparently text messages were 25¢ each and

Sarah: Lmfao Tina i need to hear all the teensy Tina stories

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