Sunday, May 12, 2019


Yesterday I had a great birthday lunch with Pamela, and then I met Han for a chill dinner. Both were great, I filled them in about Lucas and they all want to meet one another. They asked what I felt about Lucas, and how it's been different from the other people I've dated. I told them Lucas seems much more dedicated and committed, like I have not had a moment of worry or doubt. I've gotten so used to being anxious in relationships or in dating, like wondering why someone hasn't texted back, or why I feel ticked off at something they've said, but it's so far been smooth-sailing and stable and calm, and I could get used to this.

This morning, Lucas sent me a text:
Just want you to know that I did in fact dream of us tonight. It was a really wonderful dream in which we were an elderly couple. We looked like dates but we were cute. Not gonna lie, this is something i want to work towards. This dream has got me feeling so much right now.

I really love you a lot Sarah. There are so many reasons to love you each day.

I love your qualities. You are a strong, wise, caring and resilient woman who has been always been able to move forward through everything life has thrown at you. You are like a superhero to me.

I love how I can be myself around you. I can be vulnerable and truthful without fear of judgement or ridicule. You are supportive, kind, understanding and so gentle with my heart.

I love your kisses. I love your smile. I love your smooth skin. I love your boobs. I love your cute dimple smile. I love your manja energy. I love your BDE. I love and appreciate how much effort you put into us.

This is just a small sample of the many reasons why I love you from what I’ve discovered so far. As our relationship grows I cannot wait to continually find new reasons to love you.
I sent a screenshot of the text to Tami, a friend from work, and she said this: OMAGAAAAHHHHH KYAAAA!!!!! Lucas is THE MAN! Pls proteccc him at all costs this kind of man is critically endangered!!

I laughed aloud when I read critically endangered. Don't I know it, my love, don't I know it.

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