Wednesday, June 3, 2020


I had a therapy session today. It was overwhelming and intense, as I offloaded all my thoughts and feelings that had accumulated with the world news and situations. We were both worried, I was confused by my mess of feelings and she was unsure between whether to validate my feelings of anger and frustration, and to calm me down so I could move forward with some hope, benefiting both myself and my life. I have three more complimentary sessions before she may start charging me at the end of the quarantine. I'm not sure yet. 

I went for a 5km run with my lululemon colleagues, separately but connected virtually. We did it to each pay a meal forward to the healthcare workers on the frontline in Singapore. While running, I realized my arm muscles don't feel like they've gotten any more defined since isolation began two months ago. I just have to remind myself that life is chess, not checkers. 

This morning, I wondered if there is an app on which you buy meals from black-owned businesses, and pay it forward to black families, whom I would imagine must be exhausted by the past week, and years, even if they haven't been out protesting. If you know an app developer who could help me with this, please point me to them. Again, I would make a disclaimer that you can and should do this with any underprivileged community, anywhere you are, if you can. I'm just saying, on top of what you can do for those people, I think black people everywhere may need some more help this week, and meals are a good way to sustain them and their hope, just one day at a time. In the meantime, if you know any black individuals or families in need, I'm trying to find black-owned businesses that do gift cards, so I can buy them online gift cards for meals.

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