Sunday, July 26, 2020


Today I learned that a person I used to see in debate circles, Imran Rahim, has been accused of sexual grooming and predatory behaviors while he was a debater or while he was coaching as a debater alumni (alumnac?? Is alumni the plural?? Idk you'll have to Google this yourself). He's married to someone I would say is the most popular Instagram influencer in Singapore, Andrea Chong. I also used to see her coming down to debates tournaments to support him, etc. I say Imran has been accused because I haven't read firsthand accounts, but there have been corroborating allegations all published through a political party member whom I would think can be considered quite credible. The party member who posted the allegations seems of sound mind and employs logical argumentation procedures so I wouldn't think he would bring to light false accusations, although I could be wrong. Imran wasn't the most handsome of people, but finding Malay men in debate circles is near impossible, because as you might have figured, educational systems in Singapore are quite, quite classist. I obviously always was a little in awe and impressed by him, this eloquent and confident suave Malay law student representing the top university of Singapore. I really do wonder if the allegations are true. I would like to know, because if there's one thing I hate, it's people with power getting away with abuse. He's since issued a statement that there is no truth in any of the allegations, so I really hope the PAP (the very powerful incumbent political party in Singapore that Imran just so happens to be in) conduct a real and thorough investigation. Although some of the allegations seem to be from debating times, nearly a decade ago, I think what's important is, if you've commited a mistake or more, you own up to them and commit to the change you might have made. This is so that the victims and survivors are not gaslit, are given some sense of closure, and are not left fearing for future potential victims. Also, I didn't see Imran nearly often enough to make any kind of judgment on his character, but hearing the allegations, I'm not at all surprised. The debates circles in Singapore were rampant with predatory acts. The debates coach who used to teach me and the team I was in, was known for his shady behavior. About five years ago, although that was when I was 25 and very much already an adult, and he was no longer my coach, he still tried to ask me out alone to a bar in Clarke Quay, and I highly suspected it was to proposition me for a casual one-nighter, so I bailed at the last minute.

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