Tuesday, July 28, 2020


i) A couple of nights ago, Dhuha sent me a DM on Instagram. A decade ago, we were in a hobby group (?) on Facebook, called #TVWhores, because we all watched quite a bit of TV. I think they were geekier (I mean this in the highest respect and I think I wanted to be as much of a geek) than I was, they watched Doctor Who and stuff like that, but we'd bond over Community and Sherlock, and such TV shows of that era. Anyway, Dhu moved to Vancouver for work, and I never really kept in contact with her, but she dropped me a message.

I felt an instant relief at seeing her message, because up to that point, I personally knew zero (0) people in Canada. Now I know one!!! Dhu lives in Vancouver too, but on the mainland, whereas I will be offshore on an island, 1.5 hours away by ferry (how quaint is that???!!!). I cannot explain it, it's not as if she will be holding my hand taking me to school, but my fear decreased exponentially and my excitement was allowed to be more prominent. 

I am really ready for Canada. If you don't know how Singapore is, it's like an entire country like New York City. It's a concrete jungle, and no one even sings songs about it, about how you're able to be free and creative, because you're not. I want to be in Canada, and be a faerie in the woods (HAHAHA), and sit by a creek, and do my assignments and read books, and not worry so much about climate change, because there won't be a human person being stupid and careless everywhere I turn. Also, I've seen Dhu's photos on Instagram, and it looks amazing. Trees always look so good in Canada???? 

ii) I went to Sarah's community class last week. She's starting her journey as a spin instructor, and in that one class, she made me cry. She put on this track without lyrics, and she told us to close our eyes, and to thank our bodies for having taken us so far, for having gone through all the deep and dark times for us, for still being here. I was probably having a moment in my mental health, but I was feeling proud of my body, and I shed a couple of tears.

I've gone for yoga and spin classes, I'm swimming more often, I run when I need to clear my mind. I just signed up for a boxing package. I haven't gone climbing in literal ages. Actually, the last time I climbed was in LA. I want to climb again to give my arms more of a workout, so I think I might take up a few climbing classes in August. 

You know, I went through a mental health journey before joining lululemon, so I'm very aware of when people overexercise to distract themselves from going through whatever they're going through mentally. I try not to do so, but I can see it happening quite often where I work. I hope I can be as good an influence on them as they are on me. I want to suggest that along with sweaty pursuits, we can claim a bit of the budget for crying pursuits (working title lolol). Physical healing can only go so far, one day when you've spent too much time at the gym, you still have to take time out and visit a therapist to talk about what's going on in your brain. I feel like lululemon could take up the suggestion in a more positive manner than other workplaces, they do offer quite extensive ways of employee welfare, and mental health is a huge part of someone's welfare.

iii) Elon Musk Tweeted a ridiculous Tweet about Das Kapital. I wonder what his partner Grimes thinks about it. Imagine being so smart you can plan to colonize Mars, and yet still be so staggeringly stupid you think pronouns suck, that leftists just want everything for free, while you amass more wealth than you could spend in your generation or your children's, or your grandchildren's. I wonder if everyone working at SpaceX is a dudebro. 

The people there must be between 20 to 30 years younger than he is, and younger generations are much more exposed to compassionate thinking. Come on, Joey, your ex- and future partners are counting on you, your partners and your friends' partners must have imparted some of their compassion to you and your dudebros. You made sure to tip generously, you paid rent when your housemates couldn't keep up with their payments, because you know some people cannot help the situations they were born in or got themselves into. Wealth is created through labor, and billionaires profit off of the labor of the working class. 

You all know this!!!!! I am manifesting all of my debating knowledge, of conviction, of persuasion, to all the people who are working with and for multibillionaires. Late-stage capitalism is not sustainable, because it works by exploitation. We can create a more sustainable system, and we must. No one needs that much wealth, and more importantly, no one should live with that much wealth, when half the world could not help being born into poverty.

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